Sydney 2000 Olympics

By itukin
  • Australian

    the first tournaments of the Australasian Championships suffered from the competition of the other Australasian tournaments. Before 1905, all Australian States and New Zealand had their own championships, the first organised in 1880 in Melbourne and called the Championship of the Colony of Victoria (later the Championship of Victoria)
  • Australian Grand Prix

    It is a really big event and everyone comes to australia and we get recognised so its a a big deal for australia. Grand prix is formula 1 racing and is a big event with lots of people. - all the info
  • Bledisloe cup

    It is a big rugby union event which everyone tunes into. Makes people recognise Australia . It has changed and now uses tri nations. all the info is here
  • First state of origin

    got australia more into sport. made everyone get involved in australian rugby. Therefore got australia recognised.
  • Super League war

    The Super League war is the common name given to the corporate dispute that was fought in and out of court during the mid-1990s between the Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation-backed Super League (Australia) and the Kerry Packer and Optus Vision-backed Australian Rugby League organisations over broadcasting rights for, and ultimately control of the top-level professional rugby league football competition of Australasia. After much court action from the already-existing ARL to prevent it
  • Sydney 2000 Olympics

    Everyone came to Australia for it so we got recognised a lot more. It was for one year so it hasnt changed since. The olympics have been going for a long time and its really historic so for Australia to be included is pretty good.
  • Cathy Freeman wins gold

    Cathy freeman won gold and it was a big hting because it was on the news around the world and it got australia involoved in the bigger athletics world and got australia more recognised all round.
  • Stephen bradbury

    Bradbury is best known for his memorable and unlikely gold medal win in the men's short track 1000 metres event at the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games, owing to three improbable events. Made people recognise australia.
  • Cathy Freeman wins