summer time 2012

By devynf
  • last day of school

    last day of school
    The last day of school was the best day ever. We got out of school and started to enojy the summer. My friends and I went to the park and hung out all day, it was fun.
  • 4 of july

    4 of july
    i spent the week with my aunt and uncle it was greate. we did all sorts of thing like went to mahonney park . we got to go shoping which is my aunts favoret thing to do. we went to my uncles sisters house for fireworks with was cool to whach but it was late when we went home i was tierd.
  • traveling

    My Mom,Dad and I went to Wisconsin to visit family. When they left My Grandma and I went up stares to eat dinner and had time to chach up on the latest news. as the week when on we were on the road agin.
  • At my aunts house

    At my aunts house
    When Grandma and i pulled up at my aunts house we got greeted by my little couzins Kate, and Adam.We hulled all of our things in and got setteled down and talked to my Aunt be for she left for Las Vaggas . That was a fun time.
  • Watter ski show

    Watter ski show
    As my Aunt left for Vaggas a few day after that we loaded up the cars with my Great Grandma and uncle Eddy and the kid. We went to a water ski show they were called the aquanuts we wached the Kids then the Adults. Now that was one of the best times ever.
  • on the way home

    on the way home
    My Mom Dad and I were heading home no from wisconsin its was a fun time with my family.I also got to spen time with my uncle Aaron and my dads friend Jill that was a fun time too we got to eat at a fancy resteraunt and go that we where heading home it was sad to see them go but good that we where heading home.
  • school

    the first day of school, i was so exsided for every thing. i meet all the new kids in our grade and the new teachers. it was a busy day too but over all i think every one had fun.