Summer 2012

By Alexisg
  • Last day of School

    Last day of School
    It was the last day day of school. we played kickball. then I cleand out my locker to get all my things. I really exicted because it was the last day of school
  • swimming

    My brothers and I went swimmig. we would do a contest to see who could do the best dive or flip. But my brother austin would always beat by doing the best dive. We had a fun time swimming.
  • Las Vegas

    Las Vegas
    My family and I went to Las Vegas to vist some family that we havn't seen in a while. We stayed it in this really nice hotel called he Excalaber. the things we did was go see the water show and to curcise curcise. I and my family had a really great time there
  • 4th of July

    4th of July
    on the 4th my mom had a big party with our friends and family . My cusin and and I did fireworks and they were pretty cool. but the bad part was one of our fireworks tiped over. But I still had awsome time.
  • Babysitting

    I babby sat one of my moms friend kids while they went shopping and I got paid 20 dolloers.
  • School Shopping

    School Shopping
    I went school shopping for supplies and and school clothes but I really didnt want to because i didnt want to start school
  • worlds of fun

    worlds of fun
    Family and I went to worlds of fun. The best part of of the it was going on the rollercoaster because it went super fast. i really disliked the log ride because you would get soaked with water.