Sui Dynasty

By naidee
  • 581

    Sui wend-ti reign begun

    Sui wend-ti became emperor of China
  • Period: 581 to Jan 1, 604

    Sui wen-ti's reign

  • 589

    Yan Zhitui makes the first reference to toilet paper in history.

  • 598

    Goguryeo–Sui War begins in what is now known as North Korea.

  • Jan 1, 600

    First of the Japanese embassies to China.

  • Jan 1, 604

    Yang ti reign begun

    Yang ti became emperor after his fathers death yang was the second son which ment he shouldn't have been next in line but he began a campaign to discredit his older brother he won his father over and became the next emperor
  • Jan 1, 604

    Sui wen-ti death

    Sui wen-ti was murdered by his 2nd son yang who later became his sucessor
  • Period: Jan 1, 604 to Jan 1, 618

    emperor yang-ti's reign

  • Jan 1, 605

    Imperial examinations are instituted

    Beginning a long bureaucratic tradition of scholar-officialdom in China
  • Jan 1, 609

    The Grand Canal was completed

  • Oct 18, 611

    four Gates Pagoda is completed

  • Jan 1, 612

    Battle of Salsu

  • Jan 1, 617

    Sui Dynasty downfall

    After capturing Chang'an, the rebel-turned-emperor Li Yuan demotes Emperor Yang to the status of a Taishang Huang (retired emperor).
  • Jan 1, 618

    Yang-ti death

    Yang was killed by his own troops in coup d'etaut