Stepping Through Madness

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    It must be something physical!

    It must be something physical!
    Hippocrates hypothesized that four bodily fluids were to blame for mental illness: Blood, Phlegm, Yellow Bile, and Black Bile. His thought was that having too much of these fluids would result in behaviors ranging from depression, anxiety, mood swings, and indifference.
  • Jan 22, 800

    Religion Interwined

    Religion Interwined
    In 800 BC Homer established his ideas of mental illness being a direct cause of God's authority in "taking a mind away."
  • Jan 22, 1247

    Compassionate Housing

    Compassionate Housing
    Through Christian charity, in 1247, the Hospital of St. Mary of Bethlehem in London was built to house the poor. Later, in 1403, it became a dwelling for the mentally ill.
  • Jan 22, 1486

    A Tell All Book

    A Tell All Book
    The Malleus Malifacarum, The Witches Hammer, is written and published in 1486 and would be the guide in determining the status of witches during the 1692 Witch trials. Many thought that mental illness was result of being a witch.
  • Fly, Be Free

    Fly, Be Free
    Philippe Pinel freed the first mental patients from captivity in hopes of gaining more humane treatment.
  • The Missing Link

    The Missing Link
    Charles Darwin introduces his theory of evolution with the publication of "On the Origins of Species" siting the "Survival of the fittest" idea.
  • The Doctor is on Board

    The Doctor is on Board
    G. Stanley Hall, founder of the American Psychological Association, receives a Ph. D. in the field of psychology, becoming the first Doctor in the field.
  • Protected by Law

    Protected by Law
    Following the lead of The Congress of Mental Science of Paris, in 1889, the State Care Act wass passed in New York State, This act required the mentally ill to be transferred from the poor houses to state hospitals to provide much needed treatment and research.
  • Prince Pavlov

    Prince Pavlov
    Morton Prince creates the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, a publication that is still used today. In this same year Ivan Pavlov published his ideas on Classical Conditioning theorizing that our environment plays a role in our mental state.
  • IQ isn't everything

    IQ isn't everything
    A Harvard Professor, Howard Gardner, challenges that intelligence should improve lives not define or categorize humans.
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    Stepping Through Madness