Stephanie's Life

By JumperX
  • Birth

  • True Grandmother Died

    My Grandmother died when I was approximatly 2 months old
  • 1st Birthday

  • 2nd Birthday

  • Started Pre-School

    I went to pre-school when I was only 2 years old
  • Meeting Sergio

    I met Sergio, my first friend ever.
  • 3rd Birthday

  • Pre-School 2

    I was held back because I was too young to attend Kindergarden.
  • Met Jewel

    I met Jewel, my second friend,
  • Jewel's House

    I went to Jewel's house. It was my first day that I went somewhere without my parent/ gaurdians. I was never invited back because while playing, me and Jewel knocked over a pile of video cassets.
  • 4th Birthday

  • Mom's pregnant?!

    My mother got pregnant.
  • My brother is born

    I stayed with my gaurdians for 2-3 days.
  • I graduated Pre-school

  • 5th Birthday

    On my 5th birthday, I clearly remember getting my first video game, a Gameboy Advanced. I also recieved a two games from my gaurdians. The swimming party was held at my gaurdian's home.
  • Brother's first birthday

    My brother used his fists to eat his cake and made a mess...
  • My Brother's 2nd Birthdate

    He could now walk. His first word was 'sis'
  • I started Kindergarden

  • 6th Birthday

  • Met Ricky and Paige

    Ricky and Paige were my friends untill 6th grade when we all went to seperate schools. They didn't talk to me much, but I still considered them friends. They started talking more to me during 6th grade.
  • Brother Stole my Game Boy Advance

    I remember this because my mother supported my brother and I thought she didn't care for me.
  • I met Karen

    Karen was one of my friends who I talked to most of the time during second grade and sixth grade. She gave me a toy once; a pokedex.
  • 7th Birthday

  • 2nd Grade

    2nd Grade was most important because my teacher, Mrs. Addie greatly influenced me in the future.
  • Brother went to Pre-school

    I made sure to lecture him about what he needed to do, but he was scared and for the first few days mom had to stay with him.
  • Field Trip to the Aquarium

    Sarah's mother bought us all souveniers!
  • Encounters with Bullies

    I kept the souveniers from the field trip with me. One was a clear ball that acted like a small hourglass. The bullies took it and kept bouncing it, causing it to roll behind a cabniet. No one could reach it.
  • 8th Birthday

  • Started 3rd Grade

    Third grade was when I met my most cherished friend of all elementary school
  • Meeting Angelina

    Angelina was my best friend during elementary school. Even though she cried a lot, she was really nice. We both shared a common interest in art.
  • Started playing Webkinz

    Webkinz is an online game for kids. It's where u buy a plushie with a code that you can enter online. My first plush was a tiger. This is when I first got involved with online games.
  • Trip to Knotts

    This field trip was important because I remember when I was about to purchase a souvenier, my teacher yelled at me because I was taking too long. The only reason I was taking so long was because I was pushed to the back of the line.
  • 9th Birthday

  • Started 4th Grade

    My teacher played songs in class which I now know were songs about history.
  • 10th Birthdate

  • My 4th and 5th grade teachers got married

    I find this event really cool because I had both teachers.
  • Started playing RF

    Rumble Fighter, or RF, for short was a game introduced to me by my cousin. This is when I started getting addicted to my computer. It is an online game I still play to this day.
  • 11th Birthdate

  • Meeting Michelle

    Michelle, Sheila's older sister, was a friend of Vannessa's. She's really good at drawing.
  • Last Day of Elementary School

    I said good-bye to all my friends
  • 12th Birthdate

  • 1st Day at Edgewood Middle School

    This day is extremely important to me because 7th grade was the best year of my life so far.
  • Meeting Vannessa

    Vannessa was my 1st friend at Edgewood Middle School. I knew I would like her since they day I saw her.
  • Meeting Alexismae

    Alexismae was one of my two best friends. She was the first person to actually acknowledge my existance. My previous friends had to be talked to frist before they would talk to me.
  • Meeting Sheila

    Sheila was truly my best friend in my entire life. When ever we even looked at each other, we'd smile.
  • Christmas Gifts

    Alexismae gave me a bag of candy for Christmas. This was the first time any of my friends had accaullly given me something.
  • Mr.Co's Pie Eating Contest

    Mr.Co, my math teacher, held a pie eating contest. I was the judge. He held it on March 14th. Get it? 3.14?
  • 13th Birthday

  • 1st day at Suzzane Middle School

    I went to a new school and was not accustomed to their ways of teaching.