• First Steam Engine In Australia

    In 1813 the first steam engine was shipped to Australia.
  • Steam Engines

    More steam engines were introduced in 1825, 1826, 1829 and 1831
  • First paddle steamer in Australia

    in 1831 Sophia Jane was the first person to paddle on Australian waters.
  • Iron and Steel Importing

    7500 tonnes of iron and steel were imported from 1835 to 1840
  • Flourmills

    26 Flourmills were imported into Australia and ten in other industries
  • First Foundry In Australia

    Peter Ruseel took over the Sydney Foundry in 1841, the foundry produced iron ad brass.
  • Horizontal Engine

    The horizontal engine began to supplant all other kinda of steam engines.
  • Steamship Services

    There were running stemaship services between Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Moreton Bay, Adelaide and Tasmania
  • The Institute of Engineering Created

    Peter Russel founded the Institute of Engineering