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St Peter

By aitkenj
  • Born in Bethsaida 1BC

    Peter born in Bethsaida 1BC, a town on lake Genesareth with the true name Simon, son of Jona and brother Andrew.
  • Period: to 167

    St Peter's Life

  • Settled in Capernaum

    Lived with his mother in law
  • Married and had children

    At the beginning of Christ's public ministry ( AD 26-28) Simon was married and had children. His wife suffered martyrdom.
  • Became a Fisherman

    In Capernaum, Simon pursued the very profitable occupation as a fisherman in Lake Genesareth, and possessed his own boat.
  • Attracted to preaching of penance

    He was attracted to the baptist's preaching of penance with his brother Andrew. Jesus was passing and was announced as the "Lamb of God", Andrew and another disciple followed the Saviour to his residence and remained with him for one day.
  • Peter meets the Lord

    After his brother andrew had found the Messiah, he brought him to Jesus.
  • Changed his name

    Jesus said, at his first meeting with Simon: "Thou art Simon the son of Jona: thou shalt be called Cephas, which is interpreted Peter". Christ had already special views with Simon.
  • Peter travels to Galilee with Jesus

    After Peter met with Jesus and the other early disciples, he remained with them for some time, accompanying Jesus to Galilee.
  • Resumes as a Fisherman

    For a short time, Peter resumed his occupation as a fisherman in Galilee
  • Peter becomes a disciple

    Soon he recieved the definitive call of the saviour to become on eof his permanent disciples. Jesus addressed him: "Come ye after me, and I will make you to be fishers of men". Peter always stayed in the immediate neighbourhood of Jesus.
  • Jesus chooses his 12 Apostles

    After preaching the Sermon on the Mount and curing the son of the centurion in Capharnaum, Jesus came to Peter's house and cured his wife's mother, who was sick of a fever. A little later Christ chose His Twelve Apostles as His constant associates in preaching the kingdom of God.
  • Peter grows prominence among the twelve

    Peter's faith and love to the Saviour is recognized and he becomes more prominent among the other apostles, and often standed as the leader by speaking in the name of the other aspostles. Jesus favors Peter.
  • Accompanied Christ on various occasions

    Peter, along with James and John were with Christ on certain special occasions, e.g the Transfiguration of Christ, the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemani.
  • Peter becomes head of the Apostles

    Christ promised that Peter would lead his flock and said upon him he would build his church. This created the foundation for the Kingdom of God on Earth and the roman church was begun,
  • The Risen Lord confirms Peter's precedence

    Peters' position as the head of apostles was confirmed by Jesus himself, after his ressurection the angel in the tomb sent a special message to Peter
  • Died AD 67 (possibly)

    Died AD 67 (possibly)
    Died by crucifixion in rome, upside down on the cross because he thoguht he was unworthyh to die the same way Jesus did.