Spanish american war

  • Yellow Journalism

    In the 1890's newspapers entered frenzied competitions. Sensationalized stories of conflict in Cuba targeted the emotions of Americans. For example, executions, courage's rebel fighting, and staving woman/children.
  • Cuban Revolution

    Cuba rebelled against Spain in 1895. Because of this the re-concentration policy was made.
  • Cuban Trade

    Cuban trade value reached $100 million in 1895. The US investments totaled $50 million in Cuba. Most of the money came from Cuba's lucrative sugar plantations. Also, mining, iron, coffee, and tobacco.
  • Reconcentration Policy

    Reconcentration Policy
    The reconcentration policy stripped Cuban rebels off of their land. If the rebels didn't comply then they were shot. It was made because Cubans started rebelling.
  • USS Maine

    USS Maine
    on February 15, 1898 the USS Maine exploded in the Havana Harbor and over 260 men died. The USS was an american battleship sent to Cuba capital on January 25, 1898. Spain was blamed for the explosion but it was actually caused by external submerged mine. This was a cause of the Spanish American war.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    Less than 4 months into the war and Spanish forces were already defeated. The treaty of Paris ended the war. The war costed america $250 million and 3,000 lives were lost. America gained control of Spain's former colonies (Guam, Puerto Rico, and Philippines).
  • Teddy Roosevelt & Rough Riders

    Teddy Roosevelt & Rough Riders
    Teddy Roosevelt joined the US volunteer cavalry and it later was named Roosevelt's Rough Riders. While they were in Cuba it was 100 degrees.They fought in the Spanish American war.
  • Battle of San Juan hill

    Battle of San Juan hill
    Teddy Roosevelt and the rough riders attacked the Spanish entrenchment and they were successful. 89 out of 490 men were killed or wounded in San Juan hill.