Space Mission Timeline

  • Viking 1-2

    Viking missions orbit mars to take pictures and explore mars. they find that there are volcanoes and alot of iron on the surface
  • voyager 1-2

    probes are sent to orbit jupitar and saturn to learn more about the middle planets. the probes found 48 new moons
  • Magellan

    probes sent to orbit venus to take pictures of it's surface. pictures showed volcanic activity through out the surface of the planet
  • Galileo

    Purpose was to take pictures of jupitaar and get readings on its atomosphere. they were able to recieve a better understanding of jupitars atomosphere and magnetosphere as well as images of different meteor craters.
  • Mars Global Surveyor

    purpose was to take more pictures of mars. images showed signs of water on mars.
  • Mars Pathfinder, Cassini

    to study the surface of mars and orbit saturn. new information on the make up of mars was found and further info on saturns rings and other satelites.
  • Spirit and opportunity rovers

    purpose was to explore the surface of mars. 3 billion year old craters and flat plains were discovered and explored