Sophies Timeline

  • Jan 30, 1070

    Post Empire

    Post-Empire Egypt begins
  • Jan 30, 1279


    The reign of Ramses 11 begins; he fights to regain control of lands in Africa and western Asia
  • Jan 30, 1347


    Tutankhamens reign begins; he restores the old gods.
  • Jan 30, 1364


    Akhenaten (Amenhotep 1V) takes the throne and establshes a monotheistic cult; religious disputes cause unrest.
  • Jan 30, 1470


    Hatshepsut dies and Thutmose 111 becomes pharoah
  • Jan 30, 1550

    New Kingdom

    New Kingdom begins- trough militairy campaigns Egypt becomes the most powerful empire in Southwest Asia
  • Middle Kingdom

    Middle Kingdom begins- a golden age of stability and expansion into Africa and western Asia
  • Intermediate Period

    First intermediate period begins consisting of nearly 150 years without centralized leadership.
  • The great pyramid

    the building of the great pyramid of king khufu of giza
  • Old Kingdom

    old kingdom begins a time of strong leadership and unified Egypt
  • King Menes

    King Menes units upper and lower Egypt.