By ghe5
  • Birth

    I was born in Raleigh Rex Hospital and I weighed 7 lbs.
  • Period: to

    Memories of Sophie's Life

  • 1st time at China

    I climbed the Great Wall of China and rode a camel on there. I was small so I got very scared and started crying. It was very embarrassing! My grandparents came along and my sister did too. We visted many places that were popular tourist sites.
  • Learning Tennis

    It was very hard at first but I got the hang of it. My coaches were Coach Patrick and my father. I joined Academy 2 and was the youngest player there! I won the only tournament I played, after a while I quit tennis because of my schedule.
  • Learning Ballet

    I first learned ballet at Cary Ballet but then I changed to IBA in 2011... My first teacher ever was Ms. Anna and then it changed to Ms. Rossana.
  • 2nd time in China

    I went to Shanghai, Xi'an ,and Baoji. I visited the Oriental Pearl tower and my grandparents!!! I wish I spent more time there...
  • Got Pointe Shoes

    It was very painful and I did not enjoy it one bit... but I was excited. Now I sometimes wish I had never gotton Pointe Shoes! The first pair I got were Russian Pointes and they were the most expensive. My Pointe Shoes gotten worn out after a few months but I still haven't bought new ones yet.
  • State Fair

    I went with my friend and won 2 goldfish called Firestar and Spottedleaf. I was very proud! We went on many rides and held baby poultry (chicks, ducks, and turkeys)
  • Spottedleaf is dead!

    The day after the State Fair Spottedleaf died. I was so depressed and I felt very sorry for Firestar! I felt like he was lonely and sad since he always swam back in forth very slowly.
  • Firestar's new life

    Firestar was lonely and squished in his small tank so we moved him in a larger tank and bought him a cave. Later we bought him a playmate called Ronnie! Soon after several months, we bought 3 more fish, a goldfish called Leo, and 2 minnows called Emmy and Larry.