Socialization Celebration

  • Birth-Toddler : Family

    Birth-Toddler : Family
    What my family tought me when i was a baby and a toddler was to speak. They tought me how to speek by talking to me so i could hear them and copy them because I am always around them. Another thing my family tought me was how to walk. They tought me how to walk by trying to hold me up and hold my hand to let me walk.
  • Birth-Toddler : School

    Birth-Toddler : School
    When I was a toddler I went to a daycare. At the daycare they would teach us how to listen. They tought us how to listen by telling us to be quiet and if we weren't we would get in trouble. We also learned how to communicate with others. We would basicly talk to anyone in daycare. Another thing we learned is to share. If we didn't get along and didn't share, they would get strict about it and make sure we would learn to share.
  • Birth-Toddler : Peers

    Birth-Toddler : Peers
    The peers I had when I was a toddler was new people I met. Some of the people I met became my friends. One of the people I met when I was a toddler is still my friend today. I also learned how to play with others. I would hang out with the new people I met which was usually the people I met in daycare.
  • Birth-Toddler : Mass Media

    Birth-Toddler : Mass Media
    For Mass Media I used to watch Seseme Street and Blues Clues when I was a toddler. Seseme Street and Blues Clues would basically teach me the simple things I had to know. My parents would be the ones to pick the shows for me that they thought would be most educational and that I would like.
  • Toddler-School age : Family

    Toddler-School age : Family
    When I was school aged my dad tought me how to ride my bike for the first time without training wheels. My dad would hold onto my shoulders then let me go on my own till i finally learned it. My family also took me to Madiline Island for my first time. Ive been going there every year since then.
  • Toddler-School age : Schools

    Toddler-School age : Schools
    In preschool I would learn how to write, read, and thats when i began to draw. They would teach us how to write the simple words like my name. They would also read picture books to us and have us point out words that we could say. Another thing I learned was how to draw because we would always do crafts.
  • Toddler-School age : Peers

    Toddler-School age : Peers
    In preschool I learned how to get along with my peers. If we ever got in a fight, we would get in trouble and make sure we wouldn't do it again so we can get along. I would also talk to my peers. By talking to peers, thats how I can become friends with others.
  • Toddler-School age : Mass Media

    Toddler-School age : Mass Media
    When I was school aged I would watch shows that would teach me good lessions. I watched Winnie the Pooh and Dora. In the show Winnie the Pooh they would usually learn how to get along with eachother to get through situations. That tought me how to get along with others. In Dora they usually had to work around obstacles and solve things. That basicly tought me to get through problems.
  • Elementry School : Family

    Elementry School : Family
    When I was in elementry school my dad would always help me with my homework when I didn't understand it. He would usually do techniqes for me to understand. My family also taught me to be respectful. If I ever talk back they would punish me in some way so I wouldn't do it anymore.
  • Elementry School : School

    Elementry School : School
    In elementary school I learned how to listen and how to act in school. In class if the students weren't listening and not paying attention they sometimes would be strict and tell them not to. If they did it again they would get in trouble. The teachers would teach us how to act in school by having us go in lines through the hall so we wouldn't mess around.
  • Elementary School : Peers

    Elementary School : Peers
    In elementry school I basicly talked to all my peers. I found it easier to talk to all my peers because there wasn't cliques back then. I could walk down the halls and stop and say hi to them and them saying hi back without judging. There wasn't a lot of bullying back then as much as there is now.
  • Elementary School : Mass Media

    Elementary School : Mass Media
    When I was in elementary school I watched Scooby Doo. It taught me that good deads get you good rewards. It taught me that I should help others and stay postitive. Whenever I am in a bad situation I always try and stay postitive and try to fix it in a fair way. I believe that Scooby Doo was a positive influence on me and will for all kids.
  • Middle School : Family

    Middle School : Family
    In middle school my family would show me disipline. If I get in trouble they punish me by sending me to my room. They punish me because they want me to be respectful and teach me a lession. When my sister lived with me, my parents were more strict when she was around. She sometimes had to do the chores, she had to pay for her own phone, and she got more punished.
  • Middle School : School

    Middle School : School
    In middle school I remember back when cliques started to form and it was harder to make friends, but I chose the right friends to hang out with and I still have those friends today. I try and be myself because I know that my friends will like me for who I am and not for who I try to be. Trying to act like someone else just makes you seem fake because you are putting away what you really are to be what you want to become. I accept my friends for who they are and I do the same for them.
  • Middle School : Peers

    Middle School : Peers
    In middle school I met new people from other elementaries and met new friends which are still my friends today. I still talked to some of my classmates if I didn't have anyone to talk to. If I talked to them before, I become more confortable to talk to them again. That's how I made a lot of my friends by talking to them and getting to know them.
  • Middle School : Mass Media

    Middle School : Mass Media
    In middle school I would listen to my ipod and I got influenced by the music I listen to and the things I saw on the internet. If I listen to pop music it makes me happy. If I listen to sad songs they usually make me upset. Since I've had Facebook, your updated with everybody. I also text my friends so I can stay in contact wtih them.