Socialization Celebration

By QOBrien
  • Family - Birth Toddler

    Family - Birth Toddler
    When I was a child my family started to teach me many diffrent things. When I was about 2 I started saying a few words. At the same age a was taking my first steps. Although I was better at walking then I did talking I can thank my parents for everything they have done.
  • Schools - Birth Toddler

    Schools - Birth Toddler
    When I was a toddler I didnt go to school but I had a baby sitter. I cant remember much of what he was like or what I did. All I do remember is playing Candyland all the time. There wasnt much learning I did at the time but years to come I will be.
  • Peer - Birth Toddler

    Peer - Birth Toddler
    When I was little I really wasnt old enough to go outside and meet other people. The only person I really hung out with was my sister. I know that is considered family but I did everything with her that I would do with a friend. I remember we use to go swimming all the time together durning the summer. I cant remember if we went sledding at that age but she was always fun to hangout with.
  • Mass Media - Birth Todler

    Mass Media - Birth Todler
    When I was a toddler I watched many things. I use to watch winny the poo all the time. My mom says that I use to laugh at it all the time. I also loved Tomas The Tank engine. When I was a kid I use to love to play with trains. I still have all my train sets that I had as a child. Of course I dont play with them but my mom thinks that my kids will play with them so she is saving them. Im sure I watch way more but I cant remember what I watched or why I did.
  • Family - Toddler School Age

    Family - Toddler School Age
    When I was a toddler I was starting to learn many new things from my family. When growing up my mother is the one that tought me almost everything not saying my dad was never around but he did have to work. I remember watching my mom and learning how to do things. She was also teaching me new words and what they mean. Something my dad did teach me was how to ride my first bike. I remember I learned how to ride my bike in gress. Thanks to my family I know all these new things and what the mean
  • Schools - Toddler School Age

    Schools - Toddler School Age
    When I was little I started preschool at a place called Share and Care. I dont remember much about it but I do remember little things about it. When i was there for the few years or so I was starting to learn many new things. In Share and Care I started to learn how to write and draw. I can remember when we got to paint. I remember everytime we painted I would paint the same thing over and over again. When I was little I use to love going to Adventureland. So Adventureland is what I drew.
  • Peer - Toddler School Age

    Peer - Toddler School Age
    When I was about this age I cant remember who use to be my friends but I can kind of remember a few of them. I remember one kid that i use to go swimming with and once I went over to his house. I cant remember what his name was but I do remember what he looked like. He was fun to hang around because hes and my parents were friends and we would go over to there houses and talk. My friend and I would go swimming in his backyard pool. I think this is were I first started to learn how to swim.
  • Mass Media - Toddler School Age

    Mass Media - Toddler School Age
    When I was little I use to watch many things on t.v. I guess there wasnt much to do at my house and i knew how to work a t.v. so I used it. When i was little I remember my favorite show was Tomas The Tank Engine. I really loved trains and I use to have a whole set of him and his friends. I also watched Winnie The Pooh. I like comady movies and Winnie The Pooh use to make me laugh as a kid so im guessing thats why I watched that. Those are two of my favorite things I enjoyed to watch on t.v.
  • Family - Elementary School

    Family - Elementary School
    When going to school my parents use to help me out alot on school work. In elementary I wasnt the smartist kid but I wasnt clueless at the same time. If I needed something my mom would help me out alot. I remember when I needed to learn the basic math skills and my mom would make me study it for hours. My grandma helped me alot on family history things like timelines. Not saying shes old its just shes been around for everything that was important.
  • Schools - Elementary School

    Schools - Elementary School
    In elementary I learned alot. I learned history, math, social skills, and many other things. At the end of elementary school I would of learned many math skills. I think I would of just learned how to divide. I might of learned how to add and subtract negative numbers but i cant remember. I remember his SS i learned alot about native people. I remember doing a project on the Mohawks. There was many other things but those were just examples.
  • Peer - Elementary School

    Peer - Elementary School
    When in I was in school I had many friends. I had best friends, I had close friends, and I had friends. I remember my best friend was Ben. We use to do everything together. I remember when we were at school we would always have the same teacher so we were never not with each other. I also hungout with Jonah, Donald, and many other people. These guys are what made school fun and exciting for me.
  • Mass Media - Elementary School

    Mass Media - Elementary School
    When I watched t.v. I watched alot of different things. I dont think my mom would of let me watch R-rated movies yet but I can list of cartoons that I watched. I remember a show that I watched all the time was SpongeBob. There were always new episodes out and I thought him and hes friends were pretty funny. Another show I liked to watch was Fairy God Parents. I must of enjoyed the whole magic thing for me to watch it. There were many things I liked to watch on t.v.
  • Family - Middle School

    Family - Middle School
    When I was in Middle school my family was always there for me. I remember when I went to Chicago for the first time. It was my mom, dad, sister, and me. I saw many cool things there. My favorite part was the Science Museam. I saw other museams but I cant remember the name at the moment. My favorite part is when I got dark out because all the lights would be lite up and it was a cool stie to see.This is one of my favorite moments with my family.
  • Schools - Middle School

    Schools - Middle School
    When in middle school alot had changed from Elementary to then. Alot of my friends that I use to hangout was diffrent. Homework got harder and it got very serious from there. School wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be but my teachers made it seem like I was in highschool. Nothing much happend while in middle school. Overall it was all that I had expected.
  • Peer - Middle School

    Peer - Middle School
    When in school alot had changed in my friends. Most of the kids i use to hangout with was gone or we didnt talk like we use to. I started hangingout with new people. I had a couple of girl friends but nothing for a long period of time. But in 8th grade that had changed because i started going out with a girl named Katie (Sitll going out with). So my peers changed alot but i still talk to some of my old friends but not like i use to.
  • Mass Media - Middle School

    Mass Media - Middle School
    In middle school I watched about everything. From PG movies to R movies. I would watched My Bloody valintine, Parinormal Activity 1, Marley and Me, Ect. My mom still did care what I watched but I some what ignored her because I still watched everything. In about 6th grade I started playing Xbox. I play alot of Call of Duty games. I also enjoyed playing alot of the zombie games. I had even purchased and Ipod for music. So all by middle school I was watching and listening to everything out there.