Socialization Celebration

  • Family: Birth-Toddler

    Family: Birth-Toddler
    I am Zack Fiser born on September 24th, 1996. My family tought me to interact with other babys around me and tought me things that are right and tought me things that are wrong.
  • Period: to

    Socialization Celebration

  • Family: Toddler-Scool age

    My parents and sister tought me to feel things and play with things so I know the difference between a piece of food and a toy. They also tought me to share things with other kids.
  • Family: Elementary School

    Family: Elementary School
    Before I went to elementary school my parents helped me learn how to read, write, do math, etc. When I was in elementary school my parents helped me with my homework and helped me make sure that I understood my homework.
  • Family: Middle School

    Family: Middle School
    When I got into middle school my parents started to help me less and less because they didn’t want me to become dependent on them for help so they wanted me to try and figure out the problem on my own and if I couldn’t figure it out they would help me.
  • Peers: Birth-Toddler

    Peers: Birth-Toddler
    My peers affected me positively when I was a toddler because they helped me share things and helped me be nice to other kids.
  • Peers:Toddler-School age:

    Peers:Toddler-School age:
    When I was a toddler and nearing school age I thought that it would be difficult to make friends with people but it was pretty easy because the people I was already friends with told me how to try and make new friends. When I found a group of friends to hang out with they invited me in and were nice to me.
  • Peers: Elementary School

    Peers: Elementary School
    When I went into elementary school I had a lot of different friends. Most of the friends I had were mostly from sports like football, wrestling, baseball, soccer, and some others were from school. But as I got older I started to make new friends.
  • Peers: Middle School

    Peers: Middle School
    As middle school started I had many friends but some of the friends that I had from sports in elementary school became more popular and we started to talk less and less. But then I made some new friends from school because it was a new thing for me because in middle school I switched classes every period and the next period didn’t have the same group of people in it.
  • Mass Media Birth-Toddler:

    Mass Media Birth-Toddler:
    As I grew up I didn’t really pay attention to the mass media because I didn’t know what they were talking about.
  • Mass media Toddler-School age:

    Mass media Toddler-School age:
    When I was older I started to pay more attention to the media because of 9/11 and other traumatic events.
  • Mass Media Elementary school:

    Mass Media Elementary school:
    After 9/11 happened it felt important to pay MUCH MUCH more attention to the mass media because it updates you on more than just local news.