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Social Media

  • The Birth of Social Media

    The Birth of Social Media
    Connects users based on interest and the belief that " you are only six degrees away from each other ( bought December of 2000)
  • Hot or Not ?/ Chat and date/ Badoo

    Hot or Not ?/ Chat and date/ Badoo
    Online dating site that allows you to rate the attractiveness of photos that were uploaded by other groups of people.
  • Friendster

    It was supposed to be a dating site where you can help your friends connect with your friends on the app and create status updates
  • MySpace

    Social networking site That influenced pop music culture , you tube and it competitors were Friendster.
    Myspace Ended June, 2009
  • Face mash/ Facebook

    Face mash/ Facebook
    A format fro college age students to get in touch with one another and it also include the like and post culture, that's trending for most other social media platforms
  • Twitter

    Quick and frequent messages that are sent to friends through a quick exchange through video, posts, and links
  • LinkedIn

    A job searching site that helps business professionals and employers find a person at the ready
  • Youtube

    Online sharing social media platform mostly using videos as their source for attracting people
  • Tumblr

    Short blogging that can be shared from person to person and mainly 18-29 year old use
  • Hashtag Created

    Hashtag Created
    Micro blogging and photo sharing with themes and can also be used to throw jabs or to symbolize key words
  • Weibo

    micro-blogging website that offers trends and services of certain products such as campaigns and ads
  • Farm Ville

    Farm Ville
    A video game that has you manage a farm through livestock harvesting and growing crops and plowing land
  • Four Square

    Four Square
    Location awareness app helps businesses understand their customers better and connect with their target audiences
  • Grindr

    An app geared towards the LGBTQ community to find relationship partners and or hookups
  • Emoji

    Expressions made through text that can show ones emotion
  • Instagram

    Selfie and photogenic culture that can also help you connect with different businesses through DMs
  • Pinterest

    Image sharing site that saves and discovers information on the internet using images on a smaller scale
  • Jan. 25th protests for Tahrir

    Jan. 25th protests for Tahrir
    Protests against Mubarak regime in Egypt protesters were fighting against poverty, political repression and corruption
  • Snapchat

    Photogenic filter platform that can make all of your photos "disappear" in one day
  • Google plus

    Google plus
    The linking of google products to make their platform easily accessible to their consumers mean while challenging competitors
  • Selfies

    Say Cheese ! the act of snapping a shot of yourself
  • Meerkat, periscope

    Meerkat, periscope
    Streaming live applications
  • Fake news crisis

    Fake news crisis
    New that is over exaggerated,misinformed, news that can be cited wrong
  • Twitter Limits Characters

    Twitter Limits Characters
    You can add more words/ texts to your post / content
  • Zoom, webinars and virtual learning

    Zoom, webinars and virtual learning
    online video platform that started up during the pandemic Covid-19 shut down