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Evolution of Communication from Pre-historic Age to Information Age

  • 38,000 BCE

    Cave Paintings

    Cave Paintings
    (also known as "parietal art") are
    painted drawings on cave walls or
    ceilings, mainly of prehistoric
    origin, dated to some 40,000 years
    ago (around 38,000 BCE) in
  • 2500 BCE

    Papyrus in Egypt

    Papyrus in  Egypt
    first manufactured in Egypt as far
    back as the fourth millennium BCE.
    The papyrus rolls describe the last
    years of building the Great Pyramid
    of Giza.
  • 2400 BCE

    Clay Tablets in Mesopotamia

    Clay Tablets  in  Mesopotamia
    Sumerians lived in Mesopotamia, a land crossed by two rivers and rich in marshes and mud. They found it handy to use clay tablets (a fine grain mud) for writing
  • 220

    Printing press using wood blocks

    Printing press  using wood  blocks
    a technique for printing text, images or
    patterns used widely throughout East Asia
    and originating in China in antiquity as a
    method of printing on textiles and later paper.
  • 500

    Codex in the Maya region

    Codex in the  Maya region
    folding books stemming from the preColumbian Maya civilization. These codices
    were written in Mayan hieroglyphic script on
    Mesoamerican paper, made from the inner
    bark of certain trees
  • News Paper

    News Paper
    a publication that appears regularly and
    frequently, and carries news about a wide
    variety of current events. Newspapers began
    circulating in the 17th century. The first real
    newspaper in England was printed in 1665.
    The first successful daily newspaper in
    Britain was printed in 1702
  • Typewriter

    a mechanical or electromechanical machine for writing characters similar to those produced by printer's movable type. A typewriter operates by means of keys that strike a ribbon to transmit ink or carbon impressions onto paper
  • Telegraph

    a communications system in which information i
    s transmitted over a wire through a series of elect
    rical current pulses, usually in the form of Morse
  • Telephone

    a telecommunications device that permits two or
    more users to conduct a conversation when they are
    too far apart to be heard directly. A telephone
    converts sound, typically and most efficiently the
    human voice, into electronic signals suitable for
  • Television

    Television or TV is a telecommunication
    medium used for transmitting moving images
    in monochrome (black-and-white), or in color,
    and in two or three dimensions and sound.
  • Punch Cards

    Punch  Cards
    Punch cards also known as Hollerith cards and
    IBM cards are paper cards containing several
    punched holes that were punched by hand or
    machine to represent data
  • Motion Picture Photography

    Motion  Picture  Photography
    Motion picture photography, dating from the
    1890s, is one of the oldest of modern imaging,
    technologies that remains current today.Motion
    picture theory is simple and clear-cut
  • Printing Press for Mass Production

    Printing Press  for Mass  Production
    which text and images are transferred to paper
    or other media by means of ink. Although
    movable type, as well as paper, first appeared
    in China, it was in Europe that printing first
    became mechanized

    First-generation computer was characterized by
    a very prominent feature on the ENIAC, vacuum
  • Transistor Radio

    is a small portable radio receiver that
    uses transistor-based circuitry
  • Apple 1

    Apple 1
    also known later as the Apple I, or Apple-1, is
    a desktop computer released by the Apple Computer
    Company (now Apple Inc.) It was designed
    and hand-built by Steve Wozniak.
  • Laptops

    a small, portable personal computer with a
    "clamshell" form factor, an alphanumeric
    keyboard on the lower part of the "clamshell"
    and a thin LCD or LED computer screen on the
    upper portion, which is opened up to use the
    PERSONAL INSIGHT: Laptops lets us have a computer
    on the go. We can bring and use
    it anywhere. It also works just as
    fine as a desktop computer.
    Laptops are a great help to office
    workers, and especially for us
  • Smartphone

    Smart·phone performs
    many of the functions of a computer, typically
    having a touchscreen interface, Internet access,
    and an operating system capable of running
    downloaded applications.
    PERSONAL INSIGHT:Through smartphones, we can
    communicate with other people,
    search for information, visit social
    media, or even play mobile games.
  • Yahoo

    a web services provider, wholly owned by
    Verizon Communications through Oath Inc. and
    headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.
  • Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer
    a series of graphical web browsers developed
    by Microsoft and included in the Microsoft
    Windows line of operating systems, starting in
    1995. It was first released as part of the add-on
    package Plus! for Windows 95 that year.
    Personal Insight: It is a great tool in our studies
    especially in this modern era.
    Whatever it is that we want to
    find or look info on the Internet,
    we can acquire answers easily
    through a fast web search using
    different web browsers
  • Google

    The most popular search engine, was
    invented by the Soviet born Sergey Brin and
    American Larry Page in 1998. They named it
    Google, after the Googol. The Googol is the
    term for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. It provides
    thousands of information related
    to the keywords we entered in
    diff. formats: videos, images,
    texts (news, websites).
    We use Google in researching for our
    assignments or anything we are
    curious about.
  • Blogspot

    It’s generally recognized that the first
    blog was Links.net, created by Justin Hall. At
    that time they weren’t called blogs, and he just
    referred to it as his personal homepage.
    It serves as an outlet to us as a
    human with different experiences
    and wants to share the reflections,
    opinions, and lesson we learned. It
    also improves our creative writing
    skills through short stories, poems
    and etc.
  • Friendster

    A feature that showed how you were connected
    to strangers made meeting people less
    intimidating and highly addictive. It was also
    considered a safe way to meet potential dates
  • Skype

    An instant messaging app that provides online text
    message and video chat services. Users may transmit
    both text and video messages and may exchange
    digital documents such as images, text, and video.
    Skype allows video conference calls.
    Skype has been a great help for us
    ever since. It connected us with our
    relatives/ loved ones outside the
    country. It makes us feel that we're
    talking face to face, forgetting for a
    brief moment that we're miles apart
  • Facebook

    Mark Zuckerberg, 23, founded Facebook while
    studying psychology at Harvard University. A
    keen computer programmer
    The most accessible SNS we use.
    Facebook let's us connect with our
    friends and families. Facebook
    makes us updated with the trending
    issues, and lets us share videos and
  • Youtube

    Was invented by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and
    Jawed Karim out of a garage in Menlo Park. Users
    can upload and share video clips on
    www.YouTube.com and YouTube enables video
    embedding that allows YouTube videos to be placed
    on non-YouTube pages.
    YouTube offers us to watch
    educational videos we need at
    school. It also serves as an
    entertainment every time we want
    to spend pur leisure time watching
    funny and trending videos
  • Twitter

    An online news and social networking service
    where users post and interact with messages,
    "tweets", restricted to 140 characters.
    Let's us join "tweeting" what's
    trending locally or even national.
    It also enables us to "tweet" our
    opinions/reactions to a certain
  • Netbooks

    A generic name given to a category of small,
    lightweight, legacy-free, and inexpensive laptop
    these are the smaller and lighter
    version of laptops. It just missed
    out some features but still have
    the important functions
  • Tumblr

    A microblogging and social
    networking website founded by David Karp in
    2007, and owned by Oath Inc. The service
    allows users to post multimedia and other
    content to a short-form blog.
    An entertaining blog were we can
    also download photos/videos. We
    can post frequent brief messages
    about personal activities.
  • Hangouts

    A communication platform developed by Google
    which includes instant messaging, video chat,
    SMS and VOIP features. It replaces three
    messaging products that Google had
    implemented concurrently within its services,
    including Google Talk, Google+ Messenger