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  • Knowledge Revolution was founded

    Knowledge Revolution was founded
    Knowledge Revolution, subsequently known as Working Knowledge, was a San Mateo, California-based instructional physics and mechanical simulation software company created by David Baszucki. Throughout its existence, it produced four software products: Interactive Physics, Working Model, AutoCAD plugin AutoMotion, and visualNastran.
  • Period: to

    Before Roblox development

  • Knowledge Revolution was purchased by MSC Software Corporation for $19.2 million.

  • Goblocks

    During Roblox's early development, GoBlocks was one of three names considered. This website was registered by David Baszucki and his crew.
  • Period: to


  • DynaBlocks

    DynaBlocks was one of three names suggested for Roblox during its early development. Jim Stevens registered "dynablocks.com." The name was eventually dropped.

    Prior to the introduction of Robux, the money utilized by Roblox was ROBLOX Points, sometimes known as RP. The most frequent methods to obtain them were to create a popular game, win an event, or place first in a minigame.
  • Roblox's name has been determined.

    Roblox's name has been determined.
  • Roblox Corporation was founded.

    David Baszucki and Erik Cassel founded the American video game company located in San Mateo, California. They began early work on the computer game DynaBlocks from an office in Menlo Park, California, and it was released in beta later that year.
  • ROBLOX" is trademarked.


    The "first" person to sign up for Roblox, joins. It's conceivable that the account was established on the same day that account creation went live as a test. Then it was prohibited and transferred to ID 18, apparently as a moderation test.
  • Qa

    Qa entered Roblox as the second account, using ID 6 since John and Jane Doe had replaced it. It was founded on June 30, 2004 and was mostly utilized on forums by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. The two-character username is most likely an abbreviation for "Quality Assurance."
  • Toolbox

    The Ball 4x4x4 model, created by Roblox user Toolbox, was the first model made available to the general public. The account is also notable for being the fifth Roblox user prior to their ID being upgraded to 8. The term comes from the fact that it was used to test a toolbox feature. The models in Toolbox are standard Roblox Studio toolbox models that were created on the same day the models were published to the game.
  • Todd

    "Todd" is the name of the first non-admin user created. This individual created an unutilized Roblox logo.
  • Matt

    Roblox welcomes Matt, the first user under the age of 13.
  • New logo

    New logo
    The Roblox website debuted a new futuristic logo, distinctive typeface, and other improvements, in addition to the now-iconic red border and an accent on the 'o' to indicate a long vowel sound. This logo was designed in a variety of color versions. Although the authorship of these photos is unknown, the user "Todd" claimed to have created a "prototype logo" around this time after being solicited through SMS.
  • The first model, "Ball 4x4x4" was created by toolbox.

    The first model, "Ball 4x4x4" was created by toolbox.
  • Roblox joins

    Roblox joins
    When "ROBLOX" joins, their ID is quickly changed to 1, which is the same as Admin's previous ID. https://web.archive.org/web/20071202132114/http://roblox.com/User.aspx?ID=1
  • New logo

    New logo
    David's father-in-law changed the Roblox logo to be more inclusive and to better reflect Roblox's supremacy as a physics engine.
  • John Doe and Jane Doe accounts were created

    John Doe and Jane Doe accounts were created
    John Doe and Jane Doe are Roblox CEOs' official test accounts, created in 2005. They are infamous for being mentioned in fake hacker stories and clickbait videos, with John Doe being an anonymous male and Jane Doe an anonymous female.
  • The 100th account, baltimoreclarke was created

    The 100th account, baltimoreclarke was created
  • Playable characters

    Playable characters
    The first playable avatars in Roblox were initially blue/light blue/gray with a yellow body, head, limbs, and legs. The blue-torso variation has evolved into the recognizable "noob" appearance. Avatar customization was not available until March 2007, and these are referred to as "classic avatars" in Roblox terms of service.
  • Builderman joined roblox

    Builderman joined roblox
    Builderman has various uncopylocked vintage Roblox experiences and was used to greet new users.
  • The first model not made by an admin

  • The starting location has been changed to "(Player Name)'s Place" instead of "room_environment_blue", with "Disenman" being the first to receive this upgrade.

  • John Shedletsky created the first known Roblox video, "Time Bomb: A Short Story", using the bomb item.

  • The 1,000th account, "builder101" was created

  • Roblox was released to the public

  • The "admin" account was deactivated and assigned ID 18.

  • Shedletsky has released the first official Roblox video on YouTube, titled Chaos Canyon Firefight.

  • New logo

    New logo
    To raise brand awareness and make Roblox seem more approachable, the company's logo was modified to take on its most recognizable appearance and is now paired with a unique, vibrant typeface. This logo was influenced by the website concept of Mike Rayhawk.
  • Roblox blog is created

    The Roblox Blog serves as a permanent archive for prior forum posts in the Release Notes sub-forum, beginning with a passage from the Chronicles of ROBLOX.
  • Roblox Badges have been introduced to the website, which should not be confused with user badges.

  • Avatar customization

    Avatar customization
    Avatar customization was implemented, modifying the colors of both the users' default avatars and any previously made avatars. The torsos of these avatars were a range of colors, with light yellow heads, arms, and legs. These avatars, as well as any alterations, are classified as "modified classic avatars" under the Roblox Terms of Service.
  • Builders club was in beta testing

  • ROBUX were added

    ROBUX were added
    Roblox announced ROBUX, a freshly released yet undeveloped currency. Players may acquire ROBUX early in order to prepare for acquiring and selling. Players may now earn ROBUX through a daily login bonus of 5 ROBUX and a traffic award of 1 ROBUK for each user who visits their place. ROBUX, as a highly experimental system, may change in the future. Because the technology is still in its early stages, it may not be fully functioning.
  • Tickets were added

    Tickets were added
    Roblox introduced Tickets, a currency which can be earned by inviting other users to their Place. Tickets can be used for catalog purchases and advertisements, and are free and can be obtained by any registered account. The RoblEX mechanism allows tickets to be converted into Robux and vice versa, with ticket prices varying but being less valuable than Robux.
  • Builders Club was added

    Builders Club was added
    (BC) is a Roblox membership, providing additional privileges like daily Robux bonus, shirts and pants creation, and more. These tiers enhance avatar customization and platform creativity, excluding non-Builders Club (NBC) users. The other 2 tiers weren't released yet.
  • The 100,000th account, ShinArticuno was created

  • The 1 millionth account, "2COOLFORU" was created

  • Guests were added

    Guests were added
    The Guest feature was designed to allow newcomers to test Roblox before creating an official account.
  • Default avatar change

    Default avatar change
    The heads and arms of the default avatars were changed to white or gray. Blockhead, Roundy, or Trim heads, as well as a number of fresh default torso colors, will be included at the beginning of avatars. The first account to use this avatar was fddfsads4fdff https://www.roblox.com/users/2580757/profile
  • On June 3, 2009, guests were granted the same appearance as the "Roblox" account, including hats and accessories, and initially had the ROBLOX account's gears.

    On June 3, 2009, guests were granted the same appearance as the "Roblox" account, including hats and accessories, and initially had the ROBLOX account's gears.
  • Turbo Builders Club (TBC) Was added

    Turbo Builders Club (TBC) Was added
  • groups are added

    Roblox implemented groups on July 30, 2009, allowing users to create or join groups based on their interests. Groups can have an indefinite number of members.
    My feed was also added.
  • Outrageous Builders Club (OBC) was added

    Outrageous Builders Club (OBC)  was added
  • Slight logo change

    Slight logo change
    The margins of the logo were softened, and light shading was applied inside the letters.
  • Slight logo change

    Slight logo change
    Rayhawk updated the logo's color and appearance in a second site prototype. The logo was designed in vector format. Rayhawk disliked the roughness of the old insignia and designed his own.It immediately became the most well-known logo.
  • In-experience recording

    The addition of a feature called "Hello YouTube" to Roblox-related videos on YouTube led to rapid usage. Before this, many users used HyperCam, a free recording program, which was popular among new or inexperienced users. Users would turn the camera towards the character's face or hold down the S key to get attention. However, this feature has declined due to the rise of professional video capturing software.
  • Gender options have been introduced

    Gender options have been introduced
    It allowed guests to appear as "BillyBloxxer" or "BettyBloxxer", with varying hats and appearances, resembling the user Roblox.
  • New default avatar

    New default avatar
    Players began getting various avatars depending on their gender. Up until July 2011, new accounts occasionally generated with the outdated avatar type. Early in May 2012, new users would briefly begin their accounts without the Red Roblox Cap (and perhaps also without any other things if they selected the feminine gender). Later, the latter was used again.
  • Slight logo change

    Slight logo change
    In 2010, a new three-dimensional element was added to the logo with this makeover, however it was only occasionally utilized. It was adopted as the main logo on March 29, 2012.
  • Erik Cassel died of cancer

    Erik Cassel died of cancer
    Erik Cassel, co-founder of Roblox, passed away from cancer at 45. Roblox released the "Official Erik Shirt" and "Erik Cassel's Hat" in his honor, but discontinued them eight days later. Roblox pledged to donate to cancer research.
  • New default avatar

    New default avatar
    Roblox is offering new beginner avatars to select users, generated using 3.0 bundles (Man and Woman) instead of 1.0 bundles, and providing free clothing for the first time to new players by the end of June.
  • Gumby4life

    The last person to receive the old default avatar https://www.roblox.com/users/63418339/profile
  • Roblox is released for andriod.

  • Welcome To The Club Badge

    Welcome To The Club Badge
    The Welcome To The Club Badge is a Roblox badge awarded to players who have purchased any Builders Club. It remains visible even after membership expires. The badge became unobtainable in 2019 due to Builders Club being replaced with Roblox Premium.
  • Default avatar change

    Default avatar change
    The Roblox "R" and the Bloxxer T-Shirt was removed.
  • Slight logo change

    Slight logo change
    Roblox announced this logo on Twitter and had it implemented to the full website by the end of the day. It was a cleaner, flatter version of the previous logos.
  • Roblox announced in a blog post that tickets would be discontinued next month due to currency confusion and delays for new users.

  • Period: to


    Tixapalooza celebrated ticket removal, selling exclusive commemorative items from March 15 to April 14, 2016. Daily bonus removal prevented currency exchange, but made it difficult for non-Builders Club users to afford event items.
  • Tix was removed

    Roblox removed Tix, forfeiting remaining balances. Web APIs for viewing user Tix balances no longer function.
  • DenisDaily

    Denis Kopotun joined roblox. He is known for having over 9,000,000 subscribers on YouTube
  • Guests were modified

    Male visitors have had True Blue Hair, Black Pants, Grey Sneakers, and Roblox Jackets, while female visitors have sported Lavender Updo Hair and DefaultGuest has been bald.
  • Both visitors and the default guest started donning the Robloxian 2.0 package and the ROBLOX 'R' baseball cap, respectively.

  • Both visitors and the default guest started donning the Robloxian 2.0 package and the ROBLOX 'R' baseball cap, respectively.

    Both visitors and the default guest started donning the Robloxian 2.0 package and the ROBLOX 'R' baseball cap, respectively.
  • Sixteen days later, the R15 body was applied to guests. (If the game were set to R6 Only, then R6 would have been applied.)

    Sixteen days later, the R15 body was applied to guests. (If the game were set to R6 Only, then R6 would have been applied.)
  • New logo

    New logo
    Roblox released a completely new logo for the first time in more over 11 years, which is mostly set in the Gill Sans Ultra Bold typeface.
  • The visitor's shirt was replaced with the new Roblox Logo Jacket following the release of a new Roblox logo.

  • March 18th incident

    John Doe and Jane Doe allegedly hacked Roblox on March 18, 2017, causing panic and confusion. Roblox clarified the accounts in a blog post, updated their appearance, and cleaned their friend lists.
  • Guest feature was limited

    Previously, users of the Guest feature could try out a game as many times as they wanted, but after 20 attempts, they had to sign up for a Roblox account in order to continue. This was done to get individuals to download the game and create a Roblox account. Visitors would receive a notification notifying them of the number of trial plays still available. Despite this, users may still play as a guest after 20 attempts by using extensions
  • Guests were removed

    On October 2, 2017, Roblox stopped support for Guests on PC due to a problem with occasional guest participation. The decision was made to increase Roblox's user base, but unregistered users can still access the website but cannot engage in experiences or create content.
  • Logo change

    Logo change
    Roblox updated their logo to be monochrome.
  • Guests were removed on mobile

  • Roblox hits 1 billion users

    Roblox is currently used by one billion people. Azoo5573 was the user who created this achievement. Later, an unknown person would discover the account's password.
  • Builder's Club was removed

    Builder's Club was removed
    Roblox removed Builder's Club on September 23, 2019, due to miscommunication with users. Roblox Premium was replaced, offering similar tiers, prices, and benefits, and was deemed more understandable due to its simpler nature.
  • Robux icon was changed

    Robux icon was changed
    Roblox changed its icon from R$ to a rounded hexagonal shape and gold color on November 21, 2019, displacing the former abbreviation due to its association with the Brazilian real.
  • Display names were added

    Display names were added
    Roblox introduced a feature called "Display Names" in February 2021, similar to Twitter's display names. Users can change their display name once a week, and they can share the same name with others, except for popular YouTubers and Administrators. This feature was released worldwide on June 8, 2021.
  • Roblox now generates the messages for new accounts

    Roblox now generates the messages for new accounts
    Before August 6, 2021, Builderman would automatically generate messages for new accounts, but messages are now generated by Roblox.
  • Voice chat

     Voice chat
    RobloxStudioSV has introduced a voice chat feature for developers, allowing users to participate in in-game conversations. Initially only available at the Roblox Community Space, the feature is now available to all developers. Users can see a microphone icon next to their username and avatar, mute by clicking another user's microphone, and view the game's main page to check if voice chat is enabled. Users can swear within moderation terms during RDC 2021.
  • My feed was removed

  • The "oof" sound was removed.

    Due to a copyright issue, the infamous "OOF" sound that signals character death will be temporarily deleted. CEO of Intellivision Entertainment Tommy Tallarico made the sound and requested payment from Roblox. Roblox objected, which caused the removal. The game's developer, who made the sound for a 20-year-old title, will be paid.
  • New logo

    The second "O" would return to its original shape, and the Gotham typeface would be employed, when Roblox announced that they were redesigning their logo.
  • New avatar

    New avatar
    Roblox started adding new avatars while keeping the old ones around.