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Pandemix Phase One promotion timeline

  • Facebook posts

    Facebook posts
    I started to hint on Facebook about an event I was holding.
  • Facebook posts

    Facebook posts
    In this post I was generating interest by asking people the opinion.
  • Facebook posts

    Facebook posts
    Here I was appealing for someone to do our lights for Pandemix.
  • Facebook post

    Facebook post
    Here I was announcing the event page and tickets would be coming soon, another promotion technique.
  • Direct posts on twitter

    Direct posts on twitter
    I tweeted artists promoting them on twitter. These included Manidextrous and Nesbit to begin with.
  • Pandemix Phase One event page

    Pandemix Phase One event page
    I made an event page to invite people to telling them about the event.
  • Practice run picture

    Practice run picture
    I made this at the beginning when we was getting everything started. These were the starting artists we had decided on.
  • Facebook comments

    Facebook comments
    Here I linked someone to the event page in a comment on a status, this can be a good way of promoting your event.
  • Plugging the event

    Plugging the event
    Here I have commented on a facebook status sharing my event.
  • Facebook status

    Facebook status
    Here I was announcing gigs I am due to play at this year including radio shows etc I also added in Pandemix to promote it.
  • Flyer

    We decided on a final design for our flyer and we released it.
  • QR code

    QR code
    This was my next tweet on twitter, a QR code I made on Facebook; It's an easy way for people to access the event page and fun to use.
  • Facebook polls

    Facebook polls
    This is a great way to interact with customers - getting their opinion on DJs they want to see.
  • Competition promotion

    Posting to people to tell them to watch out for the competition if a good way to keep interest.
  • Facebook posts

    Facebook posts
    Here I was promoting by sharing the flyer and letting everyone know paper tickets had been ordered.
  • Ticket link

    Ticket link
    Sharing the ticket link makes it easily accessible for people to access.
  • Mini bus's

    Mini bus's
    Posting on facebook to see if people need transport is a good way to gain interest if people don't have any way of getting there.
  • Competition

    We released this competition where you have to - like, share and tag 3 mates in the comments; this is to generate more interest and to show it to a wider audience.
  • Artist promotion

    Every month we released a mix or tune made by the artist to promote them and the night. Here I highlighted the fact one of our DJs was coming from Ireland, this gained us more interest.
  • Paper tickets

    Paper tickets
    Here I was sharing a post of pictures of the paper tickets we had printed. This is a great way to show off your artwork and your design; this generates interest as its physical promotion.
  • Target audience

    My target audience is people who listen to these genres of music therefore If I search: Jungletek or Acid Techno on twitter, for example it would bring up loads of people who were talking about it or events or anything to do with the genre. Once the target audience is identified you then begin to plug your event to them.
  • Ticket updates

    Releasing posts showing tickets including early birds are selling out gains people's interest.
  • My logo

    My logo
    I paid to have this professionally done and I am very happy with the outcome and I think it represents the artist and my name clearly.
  • Artist promotion

    Artist promotion
    Promoting your headline artists first gets people excited and keen to come. This is some promotion of one of headliner's - Mandidextrous, she is the 'JungleTek queen' this is because she pioneered then genre taking inspiration from RaggaTek. This tune has over 239K plays on SoundCloud and is one of her most famous, this tune is also made with the pioneer of Raggatek Vandal.
    Here is a link to the tune - https://soundcloud.com/si-vandal-kaotik/mandidextrous-vandal-gals-dem
  • Reminders

    You have to frequently post links to your events and pages to keep people interested, this also promotes it to new people who might not have seen it already.
  • FABs and USPs

    Our unique selling point is the fact that this is the first time any of these artists have been in one room before in Lincoln; most of our artist will be playing Lincoln for the first time. Lincoln itself doesn't hold many underground events as it so people will look forward to not having to drive, which in its self is a unique selling point. We usually have to travel at least 2 hours to get to a night like this. The sound system powering the event is also a stage from a reputable festival.
  • Links to our pages

    Pandemix Parties Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/PandemixEvents/ Pandemix Phase One event page - https://www.facebook.com/events/253134445102269/ Pandemix Parties Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/pandemix_parties/
  • SoundCloud promotion

    SoundCloud promotion
    Here I have mentioned in my bio on SoundCloud, Pandemix. I have also added links to our Instagram and Facebook pages. When people click onto my page to listen to my tunes and mix's they will see this and hopefully take interest.
  • FABs and USPs - Example of an event like mine that we would have to travel far for.

    FABs and USPs - Example of an event like mine that we would have to travel far for.
  • The marketing mix

    Price - early birds: £7, standard: £9, on the door:£11 before 12 £12 after 12.
    Product - It is a chain of underground club nights, that started in Lincoln.
    Place - It started out in Lincoln and we hope people from all over the country will come. I have used online promotion and pyhsical posters and flyers for promotion. We aim to take Pandemix across the country and eventually international.