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History of Instagram

By stephj
  • Launch of Instagram

    Launch of Instagram
    Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger are the founders of Instagram. The app became available to download on the Apple App Store and 25,000 people signed up on the launch day.
  • Instagram reaches first milestone of 1 million users

  • The 150millionth photo is uploaded to Instagram

    The 150millionth photo is uploaded to Instagram
  • Instagram introduces v2.0 with new filters

    Instagram introduces 5 new filters to its photo editing section
  • Instagram reaches 10 million users

  • Instagram is named "iPhone app Of The Year"

    Instagram was selected by Apple as the App Store Rewind 2011 iPhone App of the Year. At this point, Instagram had reached over 14 million users and 400 million posts from around the world.
  • Instagram launches v2.1 with improved look

    Instagram launches v2.1 with improved look
    Instagram launched new 'Lux' feature and additional filter 'Sierra'.
  • Instagram is now on Android phones

    This was a huge step for the community as a whole, as the release of Instagram to Android users enabled even more people to experience the photo-sharing app.
  • Facebook buys Instagram

    Facebook buys Instagram
    The founders of the app decide to partner with Facebook to evolve Instagram and further build the network.
  • 80 million users milestone

    The Instagram Community reached over 80 million registered users who collectively shared over 4 billion images.
  • Photo Maps launched

    Instagram introduced a new way to search for photos. Photos on your profile are showcased on a map and other user's maps can also be seen from their profiles.
  • Launch of new mobile profile pages

    Instagram redesgined their web-based photo pages so that people can interact directly from their mobile web browser.
  • Instagram launches v3.2 with improved camera

    This was the largest upgrade and redesign of the Instagram camera since the launch.
  • New Terms & Services based on Community Feedback

    Instagram introduced a new set of updates to their privacy policy and terms of service, using the feedback of users
  • Launch of v3.4.1 includes 25 languages

    Instagram now supports new and improved translations for 25 languages on both mobile devices and the web.
  • Instagram launches Feed for Web

    Instagram launches Feed for Web
    Instagram becomes even more accessible by expanding the ability to see profiles on the desktop web on
  • Instagram celebrates 100 million active users

    Instagram reaches a huge milestone!
  • Instagram's new feature of tagged photos

  • Instagram introduces videos

    Instagram introduces another way for people to share their stories by launching Videos on Instagram. A movie camera icon is added to the Instagram camera.
  • Instagram introduces embedded posts

  • Instagram announces v4.1

    Users can now upload videos from their phones media library.
  • Instagram reaches 150 million users

    Instagram continues to grow at a fast pace!
  • Instagram launches for iOS7 update

    Instagram prides itself in bringing the best experience possible to its users and they achieved this by rebuilding the look and feel of the app to coincide with the iOS 7 update.
  • Instagram announces sponsored posts

  • Instagram introduces Direct Messages

    Instagram introduces a new way to communicate and interact with others. Instagram Direct helps users to share posts and have conversations that are relevant to individuals or a smaller group of people.
  • Instagram is improved for Android

    Instagram is improved for Android
  • Instagram introduces new creative tools

  • Instagram introduces Hyperlapse

    Instagram releases a new app to capture high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion.
  • Instagram introduces Discovery and Caption Editing

    Instagram introduces a whole heap of new improvements and designed to help users discover more. The Explore page is updated to let users find others they want to follow more faster. Editing typos on the captions of posts also becomes available.
  • Instagram reaches 300 million users

    An exceptional milestone for the Instagram Community
  • Instagram introduces 5 new filters

  • Instagram introduces new layout

    Instagram introduces new layout
  • Introducing 3 new filters & Emoji Hashtags

  • Instagram introduces All-New Search & Explore

    The Explore Page and Search ability is redesigned to be immediate and more effortless by introducing trending tags and places.
  • Instagram introduces Landscape and Portrait format

    Photos & videos can now be shared in both portrait and landscape orientation as opposed to just the square format.
  • Improvement to Direct Messages

  • Instagram reaches 400 million users

    Instragram continues to grow with more users.
  • Instagram introduces Boomerang

    Instagram introduces something fun, creative and unexpected. Boomerang takes a burst of photos and stitches them together into a mini video that plays on a loop. This allows users to experiment with visual stories.
  • Instagram introduces Video Channels in Explore

    Instagram introduces Video Channels in Explore
    Instagram introduces a personalised channel based on "Videos You Might Like".
  • Instagram launches on Windows 10 Mobile

    Instagram focused on bringing the app's best features to the Windows Phone community.
  • Instagram reaches 500 million users

    There are now 500 million Instagrammers in the world, with more than 300 million people using Instagram every single day. The app also continues to become global with 80 per cent living outside the U.S
  • Launch of Instagram Stories

    Instagram introduces a new feature that lets users share any current moment of the day in a slideshow format. The photos & videos added to Stories disappear after 24 hours.
  • Instagram introduces Stories on Explore

  • Boomering, Mentions & Links added to Stories

  • Instagram reaches 600 million users

    Instagram reached yet another milestone, and with the last 100 million users joining in the previous six months.
  • Stories become Live Globally

    Stories become Live Globally
    Instagram comes up with a new way to connect with their followers and followings by introducing Live Video on Instagram Stories. Users are able to go live, in real-time.
  • Instagram introduces Multiple Pics in one post

    Instead of spending hours deciding which photo is the best to upload, Instagram introduces a new feature of combining up to 10 photos and videos in a singular post.
  • Instagram reaches 700 million users

    With many new features introduced, more than 700 million users have joined the experience of Instagram.
  • Instagram introduces Face Filters

    Face Filters become a new feature added to the Instagram camera to turn an ordinary selfie into something creative, fun and expressive.
  • Instagram introduces Photo & Video replies on Stories

  • Instagram celebrates 1 Year of Stories

  • Instagram brings Stories to Mobile Web

    Users can now watch stories on
  • Instagram introduces GIF Stickers

    Instagram introduces GIF Stickers
    Users can now add expressive GIF stickers to any photo and video in their Stories.
  • Instagram introduces Mute

    Instagram now has a feature that lets users control what posts they see on their feeds. This lets users hide posts from certain accounts, giving their feed a more personalised feel.
  • Instagram launches IGTV

    Instagram welcomes IGTV, a new app for watching long-form vertical videos from users' favourite Instagram creators
  • Instagram introduces Music in Stories

    Users can now add a soundtrack to their Stories to fit the moment and help express feelings.
  • Instagram introduces "You're All Caught Up"

    Instagram tells users when they've seen every post from the last two days by showing a message, to ensure users don't miss recent photos and videos
  • Instagram introduces Questions Sticker

    The interactive Question Sticker allows users to submit questions to their followers/followings, which is a new way to start conversations and get to know other users better.