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  • BackRub

    Larry and Sergey began to collaborate in developing a search engine called BackRub. BackRub used Stanford servers for over a year
  • Domain Registration of Google.com

    Domain Registration of Google.com
    pun based on the mathematical term " gúgol ". The number one followed by 100 zeros
  • Monthly Newsletter "Google Friends Newsletter"

    Monthly Newsletter "Google Friends Newsletter"
    To inform Google 's followers about news of the company. Then the newsletter was replaced by blogs, by Google+
  • Cofounder of Sun Microsystems

    Cofounder of Sun Microsystems
    Andy Bechtolsheim writes out a check for $ 100,000 for Google Inc.Larry and Sergey include an icon of "Burning Man" in the logo Google to keep users informed about the location of the Google team on the following days
  • Establishment

    The creators were Larry Page and Sergey BrinGoogle sets his workplace in Susan Wojcicki 's garage in Santa Margarita Avenue Menlo Park (California).
  • Most recommended search engine

    Most recommended search engine
    PC Magazine , ranks Google as the most preferred search engine in the list of the 100 best websites of 1998
  • New office of Google

    New office of Google
    Google moved to new premises at 165 University Avenue in Palo Alto (California), Google moved to new premises at 165 University Avenue in Palo Alto ( California ), with a staff of only eight employees
  • First Dog “Company”

    First Dog “Company”
    Yoshka joined Google along with senior vice president of operations, Urs Hoelzle.
  • Omid Kordestani

    Omid Kordestani
    He joined as director of sales team
  • First announcement of press

    First announcement of press
    They announced a capital investment of $ 25 million from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins. John Doerr and Michael Moritz join the board
  • Office Mountain View

    Office Mountain View
    It is located at 2400 Bayshore
  • First chef

    First chef
    Charlie Ayers , for his reputation as head chef of the Grateful Dead Current Google culinary programs focus on providing healthy food from sustainable sources Googlers worldwide
  • Announcing MentalPlex

    Announcing MentalPlex
    Google search engine can read the minds of users when viewing search results .
  • Google gets the first Webby Awards

    Google gets the first Webby Awards
    One elected by the jury ( in the category of technical merit ) and one chosen by users ( People's Voice). Early versions of Google.com are released in ten languages :
    German, Danish, Spanish , Finnish , French, Italian , Norwegian , Portuguese and Swedish. Currently , the search service is available in over 150 languages.
  • First international doodle

    First international doodle
    French holiday commemorating the storming of the Bastille.
  • Google New York

    Google New York
    Born in a Starbucks on 86th Street with a "team" composed by a sales person. Currently , more than 4,000 Googlers working in our office in New York
  • Google AdWords

    Google AdWords
    It is operated with 350 customers. Self-service ad program that offers the possibility to activate the service online with a credit card, segmented campaigns for keywords and yield information .
  • Barra Google

     Barra Google
    A browser plug-in that lets you search without having to access the Google homepage.
  • Acquired the Usenet discussion service Deja.com

    Acquired the Usenet discussion service Deja.com
    Add search features and scan this file and launched as Google Groups.
  • Chairman of the board

    Chairman of the board
    It is named Eric Schmidt
  • languages ​​" joke "

    languages ​​" joke "
    As the Klingon
  • Launch Google Images

    Launch Google Images
    Initially it is offering access to 250 million images.
  • First international office in Tokyo , Japan

    First international office in Tokyo , Japan
    Eric Schmidt becomes CEO and Larry and Sergey occupy the posts of President of Products and Chief Technology Officer
  • First Zeitgeist Google

    First  Zeitgeist Google
    This tool allowed them to offer a revealing insight into the most popular searches of the year just ended ( from " Harry Potter " to " Osama Bin Laden " )
  • Launch Google Search Appliance

    Launch Google Search Appliance
    It is a yellow device that can connect to your computer network companies to search their own documents.
  • Launch of the first Google API

    Launch of the first Google API
    allow developers to query more than two billion web documents and program in their favorite environment, including Java , Perl and Visual Studio
  • Launch Labs

    Launch Labs
    Service users can test beta versions of the latest technologies and that was the test site for many functions of Google , as Google Transit , Google Scholar and Google search trends.
  • Launch of Google News

    Launch of Google News
    Currently , Google News includes more than 50,000 news sources and has 70 regional editions in different languages
  • First office in Sydney

    First office in Sydney
    The first local AdWords eBay Australia
  • launch Froogle

    launch Froogle
    (It became Google Shopping in 2012), users can find what they want to buy
  • Pyra Labs, creator of Blogger

    Pyra Labs, creator of Blogger
    It is a service created in 1999 whose origins date back almost to the founding of Google , receives over 300 million hits a month now
  • launch Google AdSense

    launch Google  AdSense
    a new service targeted advertising by content with all kinds of editors can access the extensive network of advertisers Google
  • Launch Google Grants

    Launch Google Grants
    AdWords edition that offers nonprofit organizations aid in kind 10,000 per month AdWords ads to promote their initiatives.
  • First edition of Google Code Jam

    First edition of Google Code Jam
    They can participate programmers who wish to gain recognition and cash prizes At present, involved tens of thousands of programmers each year on Google Code Jam , and the finalists have traveled to Dublin, London, New York and Tokyo.
  • Service launch Google Print

    Service launch Google Print
    (now known as Google Books), indexing small excerpts from books and display them in search results .
  • Launch of orkut

    Launch of orkut
    Orkut grew into the largest social network in several countries
  • Googleplex

    Introducing Google Local, a service that provides directions, maps and data companies relevant area. Later, Local is combined with Google Maps
  • Launch of Gmail 's April Fools US

    Launch of Gmail 's April Fools US
    Originally could only be accessed by invitation , use it now more than 425 million users Currently , it offers a variety of information sources for updates of Google accounts like Twitter and Google + pages - in many languages
  • Ads of the first winners of the Google Anita Borg Scholarship

    Ads of the first winners of the Google Anita Borg Scholarship
    Concedida a los estudiantes Informática prominentes .
  • Acquisition of Picasa

    Acquisition of Picasa
    a service that allows you to organize and display photos online
  • Start on Wall Street

    Start on Wall Street
    with an initial public offering of 19,605,052 common shares of Class A
  • Google first office in Hong Kong

    Google first office in Hong Kong
    in the region of Greater China
  • Acquisition of Keyhole

    Acquisition of Keyhole
    business of digital mapping technology which will be used later in the development of Google Earth .
  • Launch the beta version of Google Scholar

    Launch the beta version of Google Scholar
    a free service that lets you search for specialized documents as reviewed research articles , theses, books , drafts , abstracts and technical reports, and other materials
  • Creating Google.org

    Creating Google.org
    It is a branch of the company based on the idea that technology can help make the world a better place
  • Google Maps.

    Google Maps.
    Indications and satellite views of the product
  • Google Maps for mobile phones

    Google Maps for mobile phones
    For local information and driving routes
  • iGoogle

    It was designed so that users could customize their own Google homepage with content modules .
  • Launch Google web search mobile

    Launch Google web search mobile
    specially designed for viewing search results on mobile phones
  • Launch Google Talk

    Launch Google Talk
    To talk to your friends or send instant messages in a fast and simple In 2013 it will be replaced by Hangouts
  • Google Analytics

     Google Analytics
    To measure the impact of websites and marketing campaigns
  • Launch of Google Transit

    Launch of Google Transit
    It provides information on more than a million public transport links around the world
  • Launch Google Finance

    Launch Google Finance
    facilitates the search for financial information supplemented with interactive graphics and related Google News headlines
  • Launch Google Calendar

    Launch Google Calendar
    To help you keep track of events , appointments and special occasions and share your schedule with others.
  • Launch of Google Search Trends

    Launch of Google Search Trends
    It lets see the degree of popularity of searches over time .
  • Google Wallet.

    Google Wallet.
    can pay the amount of purchases online in an easy and fast
  • Google Apps edición premium

     Google Apps edición premium
    Includes applications such as Gmail and Calendar , we intend to bring cloud technology companies
  • Launch Apps for Education

    Launch Apps for Education
    The first implementation is carried out at the State University of Arizona Announced acquisition of YouTube
  • Launch Street View

    Launch Street View
    In Google Maps in five US cities : Denver , Las Vegas , Miami , New York and San Francisco. Currently , Street View is available in more than 50 countries
  • Installing solar panels on complex Mountain View

    Installing solar panels on complex Mountain View
    Currently , solar panels provide energy to 30 % of the buildings in which they are installed.
  • AdSense for mobile search

    AdSense for mobile search
    It offers sites optimized for mobile browsers the ability to include the same ads that appear on websites standards.
  • Android

    The first open platform for mobile devices and Google 's collaboration with other companies in the Open Handset Alliance.
  • DoubleClick acquisition

    DoubleClick acquisition
    digital marketing company that provides technology solutions for ad management agencies, advertisers and publishers
  • Launch of Google Map Maker

    Launch of Google Map Maker
    It allows updating geographic information right on Google Maps and Google Earth to ensure that the map accurately reflects reality
  • Lanzamietno of the first downloadable iPhone app

    Lanzamietno of the first downloadable iPhone app
    Allows searches on mobile devices more quickly
  • Google.com/elections

    a site where news and online tools related to electoral processes around the world are offered .
  • T-Mobile anuncia G1 and Google Chrome

    T-Mobile anuncia G1 and Google Chrome
    The first phone that uses the Android operating system and you can download Google Chrome
  • Google Mobile App for iPhone

    Google Mobile App for iPhone
    Permite hacer búsquedas web en Google simplemente con la voz.
  • Voice Search on Android

    Voice Search on Android
    Android users can start surfing the Internet on their mobile devices more easily and quickly by touching a button for voice search .
  • Launch of Google Voice

    Launch of Google Voice
    It improves the way you use your phone , thanks to a series of functions such as transcription of voice messages
  • Google Chrome OS

     Google Chrome OS
    a basic open source operating system originally designed for laptops.
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange

     DoubleClick Ad Exchange
    real-time market that helps both online publishers and ad networks and agency networks to buy and sell display advertising space
  • Google Maps Navigation

    Google Maps Navigation
    It is a navigation system with GPS step by step which includes 3D views, voice guidance and traffic data in real time.
  • Lanzamiento de las versiones beta de Google Chrome

    Lanzamiento de  las versiones beta de Google Chrome
    For Mac and Linux and beta extensions for Chrome in Windows and Linux.
  • Google Maps

    Google Maps
    It includes indications for cycling and bike lane information
  • Google Instant

    Google Instant
    displays search results as you type so you can quickly access the information they seek.
  • YouTube presents TrueView

    YouTube presents TrueView
    a new type of ad that lets you skip it : after 5 seconds if you do not seem relevant or interesting.
  • Google Art Project

    Google Art Project
    It lets take a virtual tour of some of the world's best museums and explore high-resolution images of tens of thousands of works of art from 40 countries.
  • Larry Page

    Larry Page
    takes over as CEO after 10 years. Eric Schmidt becomes Executive Chairman
  • Launch of the beta version of Google Offers

    Launch of the beta version of Google Offers
    In Portland ( Oregon) .
  • Launch of Pages Google+

    Launch of Pages Google+
    to connect users with companies, organizations and other issues of interest
  • Chrome for Android

    Chrome for Android
    to enjoy the same experience as simple , fast and safe web browsing various devices wherever you are
  • Android Market becomes Google Play

    Android Market becomes Google Play
    a distribution platform digital content in which applications, games , books, movies , music and more on offer
  • Launch of Google Drive

    Launch of Google Drive
    a tool that lets you create content , share , collaborate with others and save files
  • Marketing digital de DoubleClick

     Marketing digital de DoubleClick
    platform that allows agencies and advertisers to easily manage your advertising campaigns.
  • Chromebook Pixel

     Chromebook Pixel
    It is designed from scratch to advanced users who have moved to the cloud.
  • Project Loon

    Project Loon
    an option for Internet access in rural , remote and disadvantaged areas and for emergency response communications
  • Google new draft [x ]

    Google new draft [x ]
    focused on the use of tiny electronic components in contact lenses to measure glucose levels to help diabetics
  • Made with Code

    Made with Code
    It is a new initiative to encourage girls to program.
  • launch of Android Lollipop

    launch of Android  Lollipop
    designed for multiscreen world. The new Nexus 6 , 9 and Player devices join our team.
  • The year in searches.

    The year in searches.
    Annual review of major trends searches