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Exposure to Media

By Bondad
  • A Wave Back to the Old Days

    I was three back then, and I am already aware of television and radio. These were the media tools available at our home and are being used by the people around specially when watching and listening to current events on the news. Used by individuals across the world for years, TV and radios fall under the traditional or old media.
  • On TV

    On TV
    Television has played a vital role in the lives of many, knowing that it has served the entertainment and information needs of the mass. It is an electronic system projecting moving images in black and white or in colored that comes in a two or three dimension with lights and sound. As for my personal thoughts, TV has been a beneficial tool for many since it bridged important information to the viewers like current events and educational shows.
  • On Radios

    On Radios
    Radio is a media tool that uses electromagnetic waves to carry the information needed like sound signals over a long distance. News and latest issues are commonly heard in radios and it has been utilized by individuals for several year.. I really think that even though people have phones and other convenient gadgets nowadays, battery-operated radios are still beneficiary specially during calamities where there is no available electrical power.
  • Informed through Print Media

    This was the year wherein I started going to school as I was also more exposed to other types of media used in relying information. This includes print media forms like books, magazines, and newspapers which are commonly seen during this times.
  • On Newspapers

    On Newspapers
    Providing people a daily dose of latest issues in the society, newspapers had already made its way in influencing its readers. It is a printed publication containing news, feature articles, and advertisement issued daily to the public. With the authentic information given responsibly by the writers and journalists, newspapers are also considered to be a trusted source of facts.
  • On Magazine

    On Magazine
    Magazine is a type of a periodical journal or publication with a collection of different articles that has the capacity to influence its readers. I think, it is useful for the public since it can contribute to their lifestyle and way of thinking.
  • On Books

    On Books
    Books are said to be the most trusted source of everything you need to know. It is a pile of written or printed work sewn together, bounded in cover, that contains useful and validated facts and information that could be read by individuals. I think, books will never get old and go out of style. This print media have already marked the lives and the minds of people and even though we are facing the rise of other convenient media tools, some still stick to reading to books.
  • On Cellphones

    On Cellphones
    With the convenience that this gadget offers, it was widely used by individuals since they experience the easiest way of reaching for the people they love from afar.
  • Connecting through Phones!

    As I became more knowledgeable about technology, I started knowing how to send a text message, and simply use cellphones by playing different games. Moreover, this year also introduced me to landline telephones and similarly to the use of mobile phones, it is also used to reach for distant individuals through speaking on the other line.
  • On Telephones

    On Telephones
    Telephone has been connecting each others' lives since 1876 and it paved the way towards stronger relationships of people. It is a a system that converts acoustic vibrations to electrical signals in order to transmit sounds over a distance using wires. Nowadays, I personally believe that this form of media contributes to the strength of communication and bond of every people.
  • Click! Listen!

    I started entering the primary level and became more oriented about technology like the use of cameras and MP3 players. These tools aided me in exploring the wonders around me and appreciating what the thoughts of the world is sharing to me.
  • On Camera

    On Camera
    Capturing and reliving the moments. Cameras played a big role in preserving history and media. It is an optical instrument for recording images, which may be stored or transmitted. It recorded the significant events in mankind and will forever be useful all the time. I am a fan of photos because I value the memories and I can only be reminded by images from that time.
  • On MP3 Player

    On MP3 Player
    I personally like listening to music, that's why at an early age, I became exposed to such devices relating to it, and here comes the popularity of MP3 players. It is a electronic device and a type of portable media device that can play digital audio files that you can carry everywhere you go.
  • Entertainment in 2007

    Computers and Gaming Devices were a trend during this year and a children were entertained by games and stories these gadgets give to the players.
  • On Computers

    On Computers
    Until now, this media tool is being used since it offers a variety of useful options and facilitates the work of an individual, may it be for school or in the office.It is a machine that can be programmed to respond to given sets of directions or commands. It can store large amounts of files and recover them as well. I can say that the computer is one of the biggest inventions and breakthroughs that boomed globally.
  • On Gaming Devices

    On Gaming Devices
    This is a tool for games that promotes entertainment to every user. Some of the games came from traditional ones that are enhanced and revive by means of technology so as to keep with the modern times. I think it really served as a past time, especially for the children since they are fond of using such gadgets and devices.
  • Surfing across Media

    2008 was the year of being exposed to the internet and other types of connections through gadgets and computers. As I am coping with the technological breakthroughs and advancements, the internet opened my eyes towards the realities of the world and learning other cultures and thoughts.
  • On the Internet

    On the Internet
    According to Dictionary. com, "the internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols." It provides different significant information to the public and is very useful to students, working individuals, etc. Nowadays, I believe that internet is already a necessity for people because it has been circulating and influencing our lives for several years.
  • Virtual Socialization

    2009 was my year of discovering social networking sites like Friendster and Yahoo Mail. This year was the birth of my online socialization as I keep in touch with friends through these sites.
  • On Yahoo Mail

    On Yahoo Mail
    Even before the rising popularity of social networking sites, there was Yahoo Mail. It is a free web-based e-mail service from yahoo and it includes Yahoo Messenger where you can conduct voice chats. Furthermore, I suppose that this application has helped in reaching distant people specially those whose a family member is working abroad. This proves that advancements every year benefits lots of people.
  • On Friendster

    On Friendster
    Friendster is almost similar to Facebook because it is an app that helps people connect with friends, share photos and create timelines. According to Wikipedia, it is considered as one of the original and even the grandfather of social networks. I was also a Friendster user before and I must say that I enjoyed the features it offers as I also enjoy connecting with friends.
  • Stronger and Stronger Connections

    Along with technological advances is also the improvement of communication globally. On this year, a growing number of individuals are saying hi to media sites like Facebook and Skype as it tightens the relationship of individuals. As it was introduced to me at this year, I kept in touch with my loved ones and friends.
  • On Facebook

    On Facebook
    Facebook, I suppose is the most popular social networking site nowadays. What is good about this app is that you can connect with long lost friends, can post and share pictures and this is also the program for other app. Mark Zuckerberg invented this site and became popular in 2004.
  • On Skype

    On Skype
    With the growing number of people going to distant places, locally or internationally, the demands of ways in reaching out for them also increases. This paved the way for Skype--a service provider that offers free calling and video calling between subscribers. I believe that this application tightened the relationship of every individual from afar.
  • Laptops

    This is a type of computer that one can bring along anywhere even when travelling because it is very portable and handy. Like desktop computer, it can keep large amount of files and can retrieve those files quickly. As a student, laptops are very convenient and useful for me since I can store and save my school works on this device.
  • Presentation Softwares

    Presentation Softwares
    On this year, I am in need of making presentations for school and the Microsoft applications helped me in accomplishing my tasks. Powerpoint, word, excel, publisher, etc. were very useful for me as a student and learning was more convenient because of these software applications. It provides certain features perfect for reports and tasks.
  • Exposing Myself to the Media

    2013 was the year where I became more exposed in social media as I was also fond of expressing myself in certain media sites like Instagram, and watching different videos on Youtube. These sites helped me in expressing myself and sharing my thoughts through photos and videos.
  • On Instagram

    On Instagram
    Instagram or "IG" as what it is commonly known for, is a mobile or desktop service that allows users to share their photos publicly. I became an IG user in 2013 and I really enjoyed its features since I like photos and art.
  • On Youtube

    On Youtube
    If there's a website for photo-sharing, there is also one for videos. YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. I was more exposed to Youtube on this year and I was entertained in watching various kinds of videos that helped shaped myself as a person.
  • Twitter

    Among all the social networking sites, my favorite is the twitter application. It is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, known as "tweets. I like it the most because I like knowing others' expressions and thoughts about a certain issue and unknowingly, it already influences my thoughts and actions everyday.
  • On Snapchat

    On Snapchat
    Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application, and places second among my favorite social networking sites. It has stories of every users and because of this, one may get to know more and easily interact with the other user. It was initially released in 2011 and until now, it is still used by many.
  • On Google Sites

    On Google Sites
    Google Sites is a structured wiki- and Web page-creation tool offered by Google and its goal is for anyone to be able to create a team-oriented site where multiple people can collaborate and share files.Google sites was introduced to me in 2016, as we are required to use this application for school. I personally like this type of media for it is useful for my studies and other works.
  • Photoshop

    Photoshop is considered one of the leaders in photo editing software. It allows users to manipulate, crop, resize, and correct color on digital photos and it became famous for its remarkable features in photo editing. It was also introduced to me as a lesson in a school subject and since I like capturing photos and things around me, It personally helped me in enhancing my shots .
  • Vlogging

    On this year, Vlogging has been the talk of the town since 2017 and 2018 is the year wherein Vloggers are taking the spotlight in inspiring, influencing, and entertaining the viewers. A vlog or video blog is a blog that contains video content. I also enjoy watching vlogs sometimes since I am easily influenced by the things they say and things they talk about.