Social Media Timeline

  • Classmates Launched

    Classmates Launched
    Classmates was launched. This was a site founded by Randy Conrad. The purpose of this site was for users to be able to reconnect and find old and current classmates.
  • Bolt Launched

    Bolt Launched
    Bolt funded by Dan Pelson was launched. This was one of the first social networking and video website. Some of the content it offered was daily horoscopes, chat rooms, message boards, instant messenger and many more.
  • SixDegrees Launched

    SixDegrees Launched
    SixDegrees which was founded by Andrew Weinreich was launched. is another social network website. It was considered by many to be the very first social networking site.
  • Open Diary Launched

    Open Diary Launched
    Open Diary was launched and became the first blogging network. It allowed users to post comments on other user's diary entries. This was the introduction of today's blogs and comments
  • SixDegrees Shut Down

    SixDegrees Shut Down
    In the early 2000s was shut down only about a year after it was purchased by YouthStream Media Networks for $125 million.
  • Friendster Launched

    Friendster Launched
    Friendster was another social networking site but more specifically a game based site. It was founded by Jonathan Abrams and allowed users to connect and share media with other members. Friendster was also known for being a dating site where users were also able to share videos, photos, comments, and even message other users.
  • LinkedIn Launches

    LinkedIn Launches
    LinkedIn is an business oriented website. Its purpose is for the users to be able to network with others in their field. This includes finding jobs, internships, or simply connecting with others and creating professional relationships.
  • Myspace Launches

    Myspace Launches
    This is a social networking service. However, it was the first social network to go global. It is believed that this network had a huge influence on not only technology but also music and pop culture. This site is known for playing a significant role in the growth of other companies such as YouTube.
  • Skype Launch

    Skype Launch
    This site was founded by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis. Skype was and is known for its ability to send instant messages and to make video calls.
  • FaceMash (Facebook) Launched

    FaceMash (Facebook) Launched
    FaceMash was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates at Harvard University. This website was set up similarly to the hot or not game, but only contained Harvard students. The overall idea of this website was to compare pictures of two female students and decide who was more attractive.
  • FaceMash Renamed

    FaceMash Renamed
    FaceMash was renamed to TheFacebook. On February 4, 2004 TheFacebook was launched. It was a website originally created to connect people at Harvard but grew overnight after sharing the link on the Kirkland House online mailing list.
  • TheFacebook to Facebook

    TheFacebook to Facebook
    In 2005 the company changed its name to Facebook after purchasing the name for $200,000
  • Twitter Launch

    Twitter Launch
    Twitter is a social network and some refer to it as microblogging. It is the3 first of its kind and up to this point we hadn't seen anything like it.
  • Tumblr Launched

    Tumblr Launched
    Tumblr is another popular social network site that, similar to twitter, deals with microblogging. This website allows the users to follow other blogs, make blogs private, and even share a wide range of multimedia to their own blogs.
  • Pinterest Launched

    Pinterest Launched
    Pinterest is a website that allows its users to share photos. The users submit "pins" or pictures. Other users can "pin" these pictures on their boards. Users can also comment on each others content.
  • Instagram Launched

    Instagram Launched
    Instagram is a social media network that allows users to share pictures and videos. Users can also like and comment on other users content.
  • Snapchat Launched

    Snapchat Launched
    Snapchat is an instant messaging app that allows users to communicate through photos and videos.
  • Microsoft Buys Skype

    Microsoft Buys Skype
    In 2011 Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion.
  • Myspace Sold

    Myspace Sold
    In 2011 News Corporation sold Myspace to Specific Media which is an online advertising firm for $35 million.
  • Twitch Launched

    Twitch Launched
    Twitch is a streaming platform that is primarily used for live-streaming services. Users commonly broadcast live-streams of themselves playing video game.
  • Tinder Luanched

    Tinder Luanched
    Tinder to this day is still very popular. It is a dating networking service, where users can "swipe right" to like or "swipe left" to dislike other users.
  • Facebook Acquires Instagram

    Facebook Acquires Instagram
    In 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion
  • Vine Launched

    Vine Launched
    In 2013 Vine, which is a social media known for video sharing is launched. This launch occurred shortly after it was acquired by Twitter for $30 million
  • Myspace Re-launch

    Myspace Re-launch
    In 2013 Myspace re-launches. It came out with a new and improved website as well as a mobile app.
  • Launched Launched is an app that allowed users to create and share short lip-sync videos.
  • Amazon Buys Twitch

    Amazon Buys Twitch
    In 2014 Amazon purchased Twitch for $970 million.
  • Friendster Shutdown

    Friendster Shutdown
    In 2015, Friendster was shut "due to the evolving landscape in our challenging industry" and the lack of engagement from users.
  • Microsoft Buys LinkedIn

    Microsoft Buys LinkedIn
    In 2016, Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26.2 billion.
  • Vine Shutdown

    Vine Shutdown
    In 2016 Vine announced that Twitter was shutting down the Vine app.
  • Tik Tok Launched

    Tik Tok Launched
    In 2017 Tik Tok was launched. This is a social media app that allows users to share short videos.