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Collab Team One Social Media Timeline

  • Plato System Developed (1970)

    Plato System Developed (1970)
    The Plato System Developed at the University of Illinois, offers early forms of social media with Notes, PLATO's message-forum application; TERM-talk, its instant-messaging feature; Talkomatic, perhaps the first online chat room and much more.
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    Collab Team One Social Media Timeline

  • Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis conceived the idea of Usenet (1979)

    Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis conceived the idea of Usenet (1979)
    in 1979 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University, Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis conceived the idea of Usenet, which is worldwide distributed discussion system; it was established in 1980
  • The WELL is Established (1985)

    The WELL is Established (1985)
    The WELL is one of the oldest still-operating online communities. Its name is an acronym for "Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, coined by Stewart Brand, creator of the Whole Earth Catalog.
  • Classmates Launches (1995)

    Classmates Launches (1995)
    “originally launched as a list of school affiliations”. Pretty much the college exclusive Facebook before facebook
  • Lunarstorm Launches

    Lunarstorm Launches
    . Founded by Rickard Erikkson, described by others as “the worlds first social media site on the internet.”.
  • Bolt.com Launches

    Bolt.com Launches
    started as the first social network that involved networking and video share.
  • SixDegrees.com and Aol are Introduced

    SixDegrees.com and Aol are Introduced
    AOL going on to pioneer “peer to peer social connection over the internet”
  • Yahoo and MSN Messenger Launched (1999)

    Yahoo and MSN Messenger Launched (1999)
    Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger were released, and were the first true one such as AOL to stick around for a long time and help pioneer the early days of social media
  • Habbo Launch (2000)

    Habbo Launch (2000)
    In the year 2000, there were two social media platforms that were created that really stood out. The first being Habbo; Habbo is an online community aimed at teens and young adults. Habbo was originally created by Sampo Karjalainen and ran by Sulake, which is a Finnish company. Habbo allowed people to create their own avatar, chat with friends, build new rooms, and play games within their virtual hotels.
  • SixDegrees.com Shuts Down (2001)

    SixDegrees.com Shuts Down (2001)
    in the year 2000, the social media platform "SixDegrees.com" shut down after only being online since 1997. SixDegrees was based off the "Six Degrees of Separation" and allowed it's users to friends, family members, and acquaintances. SixDegrees was created by Andrew Weinreich.
  • Windows Messenger *Launch*

    Windows Messenger *Launch*
    On Oct. 22, 2001, Microsoft released a program built into Windows XP called "Windows Messenger", Its features included instant messaging, presence awareness, file transfers, and much more. Windows Messenger was created as an integrated and streamlined version of MSN.
  • Social Networking and Gaming Site "Friendster" Launches (2002)

    Social Networking and Gaming Site "Friendster" Launches (2002)
    Friendster was a social networking service based out of Mountain View, California and was founded by Johnathon Abrams and launched in 2002. The site was eventually redesigned and became a social gaming site based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Before Friendster was redesigned, the service allowed users to contact other members, maintain those contacts, and share online content and media with those contacts. It's considered one of the original social media networks.
  • Business-oriented social networking service "LinkedIn" Launches (2003)

    Business-oriented social networking service "LinkedIn" Launches (2003)
    LinkedIn is a business and employment social networking service founded in Mountain View, California by Reid Hoffman in 2003. The platform is mainly used for professional networking, and allows job seekers to post their CV's and employers to post jobs.
  • MySpace (2003)

    MySpace (2003)
    In 2003, one of the most popular social networking sites "Myspace" was created by founders Chris DeWolfe, Tom Anderson, and Jon Hart. The founders were former Friendster users, and decided to mimic the more popular features of the website.
  • Instant Messenger and Video/Voice Calling Service "Skype" Launches (2003)

    Instant Messenger and Video/Voice Calling Service "Skype" Launches (2003)
    Skype is a proprietary telecommunications application that specializes if providing VOIP-based videotelephony, videoconferencing, and voice calls. Skype also has instant messaging, file transfer, debit based calls to landlines and mobile phones.
  • The Facebook Launches (2004)

    The Facebook Launches (2004)
    2004:the Facebook launches
    This social media site was able to amass 1 million registered users during its first year. The name change to just "Facebook" took place in 2005
  • Youtube is Launched (2004)

    Youtube is Launched (2004)
    The very first YouTube video, Me at the Zoo, now has 56 million views.
  • The Era of The Hashtag Beings

    The Era of The Hashtag Beings
    The hashtag has helped political organizers and average citizens mobilize, promote, and create awareness for critical social issues.
  • FarmVille Launches (2009)

    FarmVille Launches (2009)
    This popular game was launched on FaceBook by Zinga.
  • Pinterest Founded (2010)

    Pinterest Founded (2010)
    This website/app was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp.
  • Instagram Launches

    Instagram Launches
    This popular social media app was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.
  • Google Plus Introduced

    Google Plus Introduced
    This Google add-on was introduced by Bradley Horowitz.
  • Snapchat Launched

    Snapchat Launched
    This app was founded by Evan Krieger, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown.
  • Facebook Goes Public

    Facebook Goes Public
    After going public the company was worth 108B, the largest to date
  • Vine Was Launched (2013)

    Vine Was Launched (2013)
    A public media outlet focused on short form video sharing to w ide audience, as opposed to snapchat being peer to peer video sharing
  • Amazon Buys Twitch for $970m

    Amazon Buys Twitch for $970m
    Amazon buys twitch for 970 million only 3 years after inception, starts era where social media outlets are bought by mega corporations.
  • Discord Launches (2015)

    Discord Launches (2015)
    Paving the way for individual servers and communities to blossom in either a public or private manner
  • TikTok Launches

    TikTok Launches
    The social media platform is used to make a variety of short-form videos, from genres like dance, comedy, and education, that have a duration from fifteen seconds to three minutes.
  • Parler Launches (2018)

    Parler Launches (2018)
    Parler created in 2018, shows where rift between information and “Fake News” and a big kerfuffle on big tech censorship.