Social Developments, 1945-1968

  • Period: to

    Marriage rates increased

    *marriage at younger age
    *pressure to marry by age of 20
  • Period: to

    Drastic increase in children being born into families

  • G.I. Bill passed

  • Cold War begins

  • FRD dies, Truman ascended to presidency

  • WWII ends

  • Postwar economic boom begins

  • Post-World War II baby boom begins

  • Births increased to 339,499

  • McCarthyism begins

  • President Eisenhower wins election

  • Brown v Board of Education brought to Supreme Court

  • Decision formulated for Brown v Board of Education

  • Eisenhower wins election for 2nd term

  • Birth rates began to decline

  • Family sizes increased

  • Period: to

    Berkeley Riots

  • Period: to

    Objections to traditional church and religion

  • SNCC begins

  • SDS holds first meeting

  • First televised presidential debate

  • JFK beats Nixon in election

  • March on Washington

  • President Johnson ascended to presidency

  • Public draft card burnings

  • President Johnson wins election and begins second term

  • Protests against Vietnam War

  • Draft Card burnings

  • Stop the Draft Week

  • Protest/Riot at Lincoln Memorial

  • First female antiwar protest

  • President Nixon wins election