Significant Event of the 20th

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    Significant Events of 20th Century

  • Federation of Australia

    Federation of Australia
    Australia finally becomes apart of the Federation
  • Queen Victoria Dies after 63-year reign

    Queen Victoria Dies after 63-year reign
    Queen Victoria lasted a very long time as Queen
  • First Aeroplane Is flown

    First Aeroplane Is flown
    The wright brothers fly the first ever plane
  • WW1 Starts

    WW1 Starts
    The start of the 4 year war
  • WW1 Ends

    WW1 Ends
    The first World War finally ends
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    The whole of wall street crashes causing the world to go into the Great Depression
  • WW2 Starts

    WW2 Starts
    The started of the horific 6 year war
  • UN Forms

    UN Forms
    UN takes the job of League of Nations
  • WW2 Ends

    WW2 Ends
    The end of this 6 year bloodbath
  • Vietnam war

    Vietnam war
    The start of the huge Vietnam war
  • Olympic Games at Melbourne

    Olympic Games at Melbourne
    Melbourne host their first Olympic games
  • Cuban Missile

    Cuban Missile
    Brings world to the brink of a nuclear war
  • Decimal Currency

    Decimal Currency
    Australia decides to introduce decimal currency
  • Australia Goes Metric

    Australia Goes Metric
    Australia decides to add metres and kilometers as our main measurement
  • Referendum for Aboriginal Aussies

    Referendum for Aboriginal Aussies
    This referendum allowed Aboriginal Australians to have citizenship status
  • Harold Holt Drowns

    Harold Holt Drowns
    Australian Prime Minister drowns.
  • Apollo 11 Lands on the moon

    Apollo 11 Lands on the moon
    Apollo makes the first landing on the moon in History.
  • Cyclone Tracy Flattens Darwin

    Cyclone Tracy Flattens Darwin
    The horrific Cyclone tears up all of Darwin
  • Berlin wall collapses

    Berlin wall collapses
    This big wall collapses
  • Tiananmen Square Massacre

    Tiananmen Square Massacre
    Horrific massacre at Tiananmen Square
  • Nelson mandela release

    Nelson mandela release
    Nelson release from South african jail
  • Operation Desert Storm

    Operation Desert Storm
    US launch operation in Iraq
  • Port Arthur massacre

    Port Arthur massacre
    Many killed at Port arthur
  • Princess Diana Dies

    Princess Diana Dies
    Princess Diana died in an epic car crash
  • 9/11

    Twin Towers Get struck down by terrorists