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Shayna’s Education <3

  • Hungry Caterpillar Nursery, Uganda

    Hungry Caterpillar Nursery, Uganda
    I started nursery at the age of 1 and 1/2 in the Hungry Caterpillars Nursery, Uganda. I loved this school, and one of my most cherished memories was getting a lollipop at the end of class every day. I made a lot of friends, but sadly I don’t remember their names. :p We used to learn nothing really, just a few abc’s and 123’s.
  • Reader Rabbits

    Reader Rabbits
    My next school was Reader Rabbits in Dar E Salaam, Tanzania. I think this was my favourite schooling experience. Fun fact, I had a teacher called Miss B! The playground was SO big and we played so many games and made so many memories there! I studied here for about 2 1/2 to 3 years.
  • Kings Chess Academy

    Kings Chess Academy
    When my mom, sister and I had moved to India, we stayed in my grandparents house in Mangalore before deciding to move to Bangalore. There, I wanted something to kill time, so my mom had enrolled me in chess classes. I knew chess and participated in many competitions in Africa, so the point of the classes was to learn new tactics and skills. One of my most hated memories was waking up at 7 am every Tuesday and Thursday to go to class!
  • Canadian International School

    Canadian International School
    I joined CIS at the age of 6. I am currently still studying at CIS, and it is a great school. I’ve made many friends, and the teachers are really nice in terms of helping with homework and understanding concepts. I think my favorite teacher was Miss Pratibha, my first grade teacher. I remember playing many games in Grade one. I didn’t have any extracurricular activities at the time.
  • Shivapriya School of Dance

    Shivapriya School of Dance
    In 2018, I was in second grade, and I decided to join Shivapriya School of Dance, to learn Bharathanatyam and I am currently still studying there. Dance was always a dream of mine, so when I finally got to learn it, I was ecstatic. It has now become my biggest passion, and my entire life. I hope to take this art further.
  • Swim Team

    Swim Team
    In 2019, I was in the second grade and I decided to join the swim team. I was really interested in swimming as dance wasn’t such a prominent part of my life, so I was able to stay after school and attend the practices. In this photo, I’m with my two friends, Aëlya and Maylis, who were incredible swimmers. During the pandemic, I stopped swimming for 3 years! I hope this year I can brush up my swimming skills!
  • Virtual School

    Virtual School
    In 2020, the one thing the world has been dreading, hit. The COVID 19 pandemic. Everything was shut down. Schools, offices, shops, everything. Our school ended up going online. It was incredibly depressing to see all out friends online, and it was also really hard to learn and do projects online. We even had dance class online! It was super, super difficult. Luckily, the virus has decreased, but our school is still taking all safety measures.
  • Music Classes

    Music Classes
    In 2021, I was planning to take my dance exam in the junior level. For that, I needed to learn Carnatic music. My mom and I thought this was a great opportunity to learn music, which I can use throughout my dance career. I immediately enrolled, and am still learning to this day. My teacher’s name is Miss Vanishree, and she is a really good singer, and always helps me with any doubts I have. I hope to continue this art as well.