Shawn Mendes

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  • August 8, 1998

     August 8, 1998
    Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is a musician and singer, he borned in Toronto, Canada.
  • Magcon.

    In 2013 Shawn was in a group called Magcon that consisted of bringing together several talented boys where they did various tours and meet and greet.
  • Andrew Gertler.

    Andrew Gertler.
    Artistic manager Andrew Gertler discovered Mendes online in January 2014 taking him to Island Records.
  • Life of the Party

    Life of the Party
    He throwed his first single "Life the Party"
    Now is album important
  • The Vamps.

    The Vamps.
    His first collaboration was with The Vamps in "Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)".
  • First prize

     First prize
    He won his first prize "MTV Europe Music Award to the best new artist"
  • ROI Influencer Media

     ROI Influencer Media
    ROI Influencer Media recognized Shawn as the No. 1 artist.
  • Queen Elizabeth ll's.

    Queen Elizabeth ll's.
    He sang at the Royal Alberta Hall (London) on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth ll's 92nd birthday
  • Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift
    He was a special guest at a Taylor Swift concert.
  • Grammy's.

    Almost two years after his last release, Mendes throwed his third studio album, Shawn Mendes the album has a list of 14 songs, including the 5 singles. Thanks to this album, the artist achieved his first two Grammy Award nominations.
  • Ghana.

    He puted together more than $ 25,000 for the construction of a school in Ghana, Africa.
  • Señorita

    Her song with Camila Cabello “Señorita” was number 1 and it was the song with the most likes.
  • Camila Cabello

    Camila Cabello
    He started a relationship with singer Camila Cabello.