Shawn Mendes

  • The Shawn Mendes EP

    The Shawn Mendes EP
    La primera obra extendida del cantante canadiense. Contiene los siguientes tracks:
    — Life of the Party
    — Show You
    — One of Those Nights
    — The Weight
  • ShawnsFirstHeadlines(2014-2015)

    Primera gira musical de Shawn Mendes.
  • Handwritten

    Primer álbum de Shawn Mendes. Contiene los tracks:
    — Live Of The Party
    — Stitches
    — Nevera Be Alone
    — Kid In Love
    — I Don't Even Know Your Name
    — Something Big
    — Strings
    — Aftertaste
    — Aire
    — Crazy
    — A little Too Much
    — This Is What It Takes
  • Shawn Mendes World Tour (2016)

    Shawn Mendes World Tour (2016)
    Segunda gira musical en Estados Unidos y Canadá.
  • Illuminate

    Segundo álbum de Shawn Mendes. Contiene los tracks:
    — There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
    — Ruin
    — Mercy
    —Treat You Better
    — Three Empty Words
    — Don't Ve A Fool
    — Like This
    — No Promises
    — Lights On
    — Honest
    — Patience
    — Bad Reputación
    — Understand
  • Shawn Mendes live at Madison Square Garden

    Shawn Mendes live at Madison Square Garden
    Live at Madison Square Garden es el primer álbum en vivo del cantante.
  • Illuminate World Tour (2017)

    Illuminate World Tour (2017)
    Tercera gira musical.
  • MTV Unplugged

    MTV Unplugged
    Primer álbum de Shawn Mendes en vivo. El álbum fue grabado en The Theatre en Ace Hotel, Los Ángeles.
  • Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes

    Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes
    Tercer álbum que contiene las canciones:
    — In My Blood
    — Nervous
    — Lost In Japan
    — Where Were You In The Morning?
    — Like To Be You
    — Fallin' All In You
    — Particular Taste
    — Why
    — Because I Had You
    — Queen
    — Youth
    — Mutual
    —Perfectly Wrong
    — When you're Ready
  • Shawn Mendes: The Tour(2019)

    Shawn Mendes: The Tour(2019)
    Cuarta gira mundial.
  • Wonder

    Cuarto álbum de Shawn Mendes que contiene las canciones:
    — Intro
    — Wonder
    — Higher
    — 24 Hours
    — Teach Me How To Live
    — Call My Friends
    — Dream
    — Song for No One
    — Monster
    — 305
    — Always Been You
    — Piece Of You
    — Look Up at the Stars
    — Can't Imagine