• Friday August 13 2021

    Between 5 PM and 6 PM, Jessica is violent towards me in front of the surveillance camera of the sublet's parking we were living. The name of the building is " Musee," address is 1690 W 8Th avenue Vancouver V6J 0A8. IT MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA TO RETRIEVE THE VIDEO. Around 6:30 PM, I tell Jessica I want us to separate
    6:31 PM She calls 911 to intimidate me
  • Saturday August 14 2021

    10 Am A friend came to pick me up 2 streets south of the sublet. We are waiting in the car. I am waiting for Jessica to come back with my passport.
    Finally, Jessica contacted me to pick up my passport. I met her downstairs of the building. I asked her when could I see Nyla, she wants me to sign a paper. I refused. She became upset and left. Around 5:00 Pm I ask Jessica by text if I could see my daughter. because I missed her so much. She ignored my request.
  • Sunday August 15 2021

    Only one text from Jessica after I sent her in the morning 7 texts begging to let me see Nyla. at 12: 38 Pm, she answered " Nyla is fine, she is napping now".
    I called 911 around 1 PM to do a wellness check. 1 hour later, a police officer called me back to have more information. He made jokes on me : " Is she really your wife? It seems you don't know anything about her"
    Nobody will call me back to follow up on the wellness check.
    I found out later Jessica and Nyla were safe.
  • Sunday August 15 2021

    After I called the victim line BC211, they gave me a bunch of phone numbers to call. I left countless messages on voice mails of associations seeking help.
    I also tried to call the social worker at the hospital. I was worried about Jessica mental state of mind, worried about my daughter. I was desperate to seek help
  • Monday August 16 2021

    My shift started at 9pm. I booked an appointment With Amanda Viner, a family Justice Counselor for August 31 at 3:00 PM. Around 3:57 PM, I sent a text to Jessica to let me see my daughter. and asked for 30 minutes on a playground. No answer from her. I started the process to be represented by a lawyer.
    I booked an appointment with lawyers on the phone. The association that helped me the most is the Canadian Centre for Men and Families.
  • Tuesday August 17 2021

    3:15 PM :
    Jessica wrote to me about solving " our separation in the best way possible and make agreements for Nyla in the best way possible"
    I texted her back my agreement about what she texted me. I express my concern about her moving towards a mediation when " I don't know where is my love daughter, I am homeless, and my belongings are in your storage I can't access"
  • Wednesday 8/18/2021

    8:36 AM
    I texted Jessica for another parenting time. 9:13 AM Jessica texted me about a family coordinator to move forward. 12:38 on my break at work: I am texting Jesscia about videochatting with Nyla. She ignored me. 12:48 PM I noticed Jessica's application for a court order on 08/19/2021 . I feel stressed and have to isolate myself before going back to work.
    12:54 AM by text, Jessica checking if I received her court application by email. I replied by my misunderstanding of the situation.
  • FIRST VISIT TO NYLA 4:00PM to 6:30PM THURSDAY 08/19/2021

    6 days without seeing Nyla.
    The judge asked for Jessica to let me see Nyla.
    Visit at 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM at her cousin who threatened me during our relationship. I feel uncomfortable but I said nothing because i want to see my daughter. At the end of the day, I texted Jessica about another day. She ignored my text.
  • Friday August 20 2021

    12:08 PM : I emailed Jessica about the mediation she talked about on August 19th. 3:18 PM Jessica's replied she booked an appointment with a family justice counsellor on August 31st.
  • Saturday August 21 2021

    I sent by email a proposition to see Nyla on Saturday and Sunday. Jessica called Telus to make some changes to my phone account. I still think she tried to erase my number. Telus sent her an email to prevent her to do so.
  • 2ND VISIT to NYLA SUNDAY August 22 2021

    Many emails from Jessica about Parenting time, Mediation and Name for our baby boy who died from the abortion. Visit of Nyla is from 2:30 PM to 5:45 Pm and pick up and Drop off at Dylan's house where I don't feel comfortable At the drop-off at 5:45 PM, Dylan yelled at me in front Nyla " if I was suggesting Jessica was a bad mother when i asked at the pickup if Nyla had eaten". I felt upset and threatened. I called the police to seek advice and emailed jessica. NO ANSWER FROM JESSICA.
  • Monday August 23 2021

    At 7:06, I sent a proposition to see Nyla on Wednesday afternoon 2:00 pm-5:45 Pm, Tuesday afternoon 2:00 pm and 5:45 pm, And Friday afternoon 3 pm and 6:00 pm.
    Jessica ignored my email. At 9:16 am, I am at work when Telus sent me again another email to inform me I have no longer access to my phone account. Between 9:30 am and 12 am, I tried to call Telus but they told me they can't discuss it anymore with me because of my ex-wife.
  • Tuesday August ,24, 2021

    Exchange of emails to schedule another appointment.
    Jessica makes things difficult by answering the next day that makes parenting time impossible to schedule because of my work schedule.
  • Wednesday August 25 2021

    Exchange of emails between Jessica and me denying my rental responsibilities and my parenting time.
  • 3RD VISIT TO NYLA 3PM - 5:30PM THURSDAY August 26 2021

    Disagreement about the details of parenting time by emails. Appointment with the doctor
  • Friday August 27th 2021

    proposition emailed to Jessica about parenting time on Saturday 11:30 AM to 5:45 PM. Telus warning me i can't access my phone account and I received phone bills from them. Jessica forcing to sign a paper to name our late son
  • Saturday August 28th 2021

    Jessica denied my parenting time by email for no concrete reason
  • Sunday August 29th 2021

    No communication by email or by text
  • Monday, August 30th 2021

    2ND APPEARANCE IN FRONT OF THE COURT. No communication First time for the lawyers to meet
  • Tuesday, August 31 2021

    Communication through the lawyers
  • Wednesday, September 1st 2021

    Exchange email for Visit to Nyla on Thursday 2nd
    8:30 am to 12:00 PM

    Multiple exchanges of emails and texts with Jessica because I was late for the drop-off and didn't want to disturb Nyla's nap.
  • 5th VISIT TO NYLA 3PM-5:20PM( time modified) FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 3rd 2021

    3rd COURT APPEARANCE Temporary Parenting Time OBTAINED Monday 3 PM-6 PM
    Friday 3 PM - 6 PM For Friday 3rd Jessica decided to modify the time for the drop-off at 5:20 PM. I disagree but my lawyer insisted on the phone for me to do it. I feel forced to comply and I lost 40 minutes of my parenting time. Daycare closes at 5:30 PM.
  • Saturday September 4th 2021

    No communications
  • Sunday September 5th 2021

    Multiple exchanges of emails to try to find a solution between Jessica and me. I feel pressure because she wants to take away my very new parenting time

    I am reluctant to pick up Nyla and drop her off at Dylan's home through Onam, which I didn't know before.
    For the pick-up, I used an Evo Car and used the car seat. For Nyla's drop-off, there was no Evo Car available. I had to call Uber. It was pretty stressful. 1 minute after the drop-off, I noticed my Bluetooth earring was missing. I went back to the point of drop-off to find it. When I arrived, My ex-wife was walking out of the door. I quickly looked and left the premises.
  • Tuesday September 7th 2021

    No communication
  • Wednesday September 8th 2021

    No communication
  • 7Th VISIT to NYLA THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 9th 2021 8:30AM to 12:00PM

    PARENTING TIME I thought it was 8:00-12:00
    I arrived at 8:10 for pick-up and Drop off 12:10 because of Traffic. Daycare is at UBC. For pick-up, Jessica is still there in her car. I passed close by but i don't look at her. No contact. Jessica's Lawyer Wrote directly to me to complain about the conduct order and the delay.
  • 8TH VISIT 3PM-5:20PM to NYLA FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 10 2021 3PM-5:20PM

    The pick-up is still problematic because of the conduct order and the fact Daycare closes at 5:30 PM. So I had to bring back Nyla at 5:20 PM. It was very frustrating. I lost 40 minutes of my parenting time...again
  • Saturday September 11 2021

    No communication
  • Sunday September 12 2021

    No communication
  • Monday September 13th

    Because of an emergency at work, I have to move my parenting time to Monday 13th to Tuesday 14th. My lawyers sent an email to the other party lawyers.
    My ex-wife accepted the proposition.
  • 9TH VISIT TO NYLA 2:20 pm to 5:20pmTUESDAY SEPTEMBER 14TH 2021

    Visit to Nyla 2:20 pm to 5:20 pm UBC Daycare
  • Wednesday September 15th 2021

    No communication

    I went for a walk with Nyla
    She stopped and try to sleep on a bench in the park. ( I took a video to prove it). She fell asleep on the sidewalk ( I took pictures to prove it)
    Finally, I sat and she slept on me for half an hour.
    I decided to carry her to daycare while she was sleeping. They gave me a stroller for her to sleep in while I will be walking with her.
    I went for a walk in UBC. Nyla slept the entire time. She woke up 5 minutes before I came back to the daycare. I wrote to my ex-Wife
  • 11TH VISIT to NYLA 3PM-5:20PM FRIDAY SEPT 17ST 2021

    Stormy day
    Around 2:45pm /call from social worker claiming recent violence against Jessica.
    Arrived 3:07pm, Nyla just woke up.
    Cranky for a fee seconds, than she gave me big hug and kisses.
    We went for a walk under the rain. I have an umbrella
    We ended up at the museum.
    Came back she is happy and a bit upset I have to leave.
    My lawyer sent the reply for an application of Family Law Matter.
  • Saturday September 18th 2021

    No communication
  • Sunday September 19th 2021

    No communication
  • 12TH VISIT to Nyla 3:00PM to 5:20PM MONDAY SEPT 20th 2021

    8:58 AM Nadine a social worker called me to visit me at my place to talk about family and domestic violence. Someone called her to talk about violence against my ex-wife.
    9:30 I sent an email to my lawyer. 2:50 PM Nyla is sleeping. I asked to let her sleep and came back at 3:10 PM to pick her up to go play at UBC. When she saw me, big smile and hug !
  • Tuesday September 21th 2021

    I sent an email to Jessica about recovering my belongings.
    She didn't answer to me
  • Wednesday September 22th

    10:00 Lawyer Appointment
    Reading of Affidavit
    Call from ICBC Lawyer
    Jessica emailed me at 7:00 pm to tell me Nyla has to go to the doctor. She had a viral ear infection.
  • 13TH VISIT 8:30AM to 12:00PM to NYLA THURSDAY SEPT 23TH 2021

    Nyla is still sick. I am worried about her. She tried to sleep on the floor again. I recorded it on my phone. Besides that, she is in a good mood. I emailed Jessica about Nyla being sick. And I emailed my lawyer the video but she didn't appreciate it. A social worker called me to make an appointment ( on Tuesday September 28) to see me at my place about the allegations.
  • 14TH VISIT to NYLA 3:00PM to 5:20PM FRIDAY SEPT 24th 2021

    Nyla looked in better health than on the last visit.
    Jessica emailed me about the Tylenol I have to give her at 3:15 PM
  • Saturday September 25 , 2021

    Calm Weekend. No communication
  • Sunday September 26 , 2021

    No communication
  • 15TH VISIT to NYLA 3:00PM to 5:20 PM MONDAY SEPT 26 2021

    4th COURT APPEARANCE to set up the next court order.
    The opposite party talked about an application for protective order they are going to file soon. The next Court Appearance is scheduled for Thursday, October 14 2021 at 2:00PM Nyla and I had a good time together.
  • Tuesday September 27 2021

    Jessica sent an email about Nyla's appointment to the doctor and the fact she will be in Antibiotics for her hear infection
  • Wednesday September 29th 2021

    Around 15 emails back and for between My lawyer and the opposite party to schedule the pickup and drop off of Nyla for Thursday Morning and also to schedule the pick up of my belongings in the storage of jessica.
  • 16TH VISIT to NYLA 8:30 to 12:00 THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 30TH 2021

    My friend Mandy was nice driving me to Dylan's house. His car was there but I didn't see him. Onam came outside to bring me Nyla who was not happy to come with me. She calmed down in the car. And get cranky again one hour later and punched me in the face because she wanted to see her mother. She apologized with a kiss. then everything went fine. We had a lot of fun at home and we went to Metrotown to read some books and buys some snacks.
  • 17TH VISIT to NYLA 3:00 PM to 5:20 PM FRIDAY OCT 1ST 2021

    I brought Nyla to the UBC Swimming pool. She loved it and had a lot of fun. She didn't want to leave.
  • Saturday Oct 2nd 2021

    No communication
  • Sunday October 3rd 2021

    No communication
  • 18TH VISIT to NYLA 3:00 PM to 5:20 PM MONDAY OCT 4TH 2021

    Nyla and I, had a lot of fun. We laughed a lot all the time we were together. Finally, I came to drop her off on time, but she didn't want to let me go. She cried a lot, and the daycare worker had to help me because Nyla was hanging on my cloth. It was painful to hear and see Nyla crying like that. Finally, I had to get out because my time was up, and I was afraid Jessica to show up when I was still with Nyla.
  • Tuesday October 5th 2021

    Appointment with my lawyer
  • Wednesday October 6th 2021

    No communication
  • 19TH VISIT to NYLA 8:30-12:00 THURSDAY OCTOBER 7th 2021

    Nyla is happy to see me. We went to the swimming pool today and we have so much fun ! The Aquagym coach put some music from my island for Nyla and I. Nyla dances in front of Everybody.
    Discussing the thanksgiving parenting time.
    Receiving the Protective Order from my ex-wife's lawyer.
  • 20TH VISIT to NYLA 3:00-5:20 PM FRIDAY OCTOBER 8TH 2021

    Have an appointment with the Daycare at 1:00 PM to talk about Nyla's habits. What is it she likes to play? Eat... We walked and found a playground. Nyla played with 2 other girls Damingda and Maningda from Kazakstan. then We walked back. Nyla didn't want to let me go but this time, she was more in control of her emotions. My ex-wife emailed out of the blue about the cremation of our late son. when I was with Nyla it hurts me badly but I hide my emotions in front of Nyla.
  • Saturday October 9 2021

    I call the funeral home in the morning to change the time of the memorial because I can not attend it on Tuesday, Oct 12. I am working and It is in Abbotsford. I don't have a car. I feel like my wife tries to upset me. I feel pressure and disrespected as a parent who wants to mourn his late child. See email as proof I met with Amanda. She believed me but doesn't want to be a witness if there is a trial. She is too afraid and confused.
  • Sunday October 10th 2021

    The Funeral calls me back. Trish ( one of the worker at the funeral house) tells me on the phone Jessica is furious about me asking to change the dates. He told me they can't do anything about that.
  • 21TH VISIT to NYLA Monday OCT 11 2021 3 PM TO 6:00PM on 652 Kingsway

    Thanksgiving day, when I brought back Nyla to the drop-off,
    when I noticed I forgot Nyla's shoes, too late to drive back home.
    I know my ex-wife is going to use this fact against me as she already did for other things in her affidavit.
    I am tired of being stressed because I am always in a rush when I have to drop off Nyla. My Ex-Wife was "furious" according to a member of the funeral house because I changed the date to be able to attend the memorial of my son. see emails as proof
  • Tuesday October 12th 2021

    I tried to change the date Jessica chose for me to participate to the memorial of my late son. I am upset because I am working on Tuesday and I don't have a car.
  • Wednesday October 13, 2021

    I have a meeting with my lawyer to file a reply to my ex-wife Affidavit
  • 22TH VISIT to NYLA/ COURT APPEARANCE THURSDAY 14, 2021 8:30 AM to 12:30PM

    I have to rent a car because I have to pick up Nyla at the Daycare at UBC then drive all the way down to Vancouver to go to the provincial court at 9:00 AM to file the reply affidavit. Nyla and I had a great day together. We went to the science world, and we had many laughs.
    2:00 PM THE COURT APPEARANCE went better than expected. The Judge granted me a longer time with Nyla. So now, on Monday, Thursday, and SATURDAY, I can see Nyla from 8:30 AM to 5:15 PM. I am so happy !
  • Friday 15th October 2021

    I didn't see Nyla as I used to visit her for a long time on Friday from 3:00 PM to 5:15 PM. It felt so weird. It is difficult to plan her pick up and drop off because Jessica is unresponsive. Finally, Jessica chose to meet again for the Pu and Do at her cousin Dylan. My lawyer and I are not happy about that but my lawyer explained to me to give her this last time a chance ( I disagreed) and she promises me it is the last time Jessica will choose the location for me.

    Nyla was really happy to visit Mandy and her 2 children in North Vancouver. all the children ate and played together.
    Nyla and I went to eat at Metrotown then I have to drive her back to Onam in front of Dylan's house.
  • Sunday October 17 2021

    4 h Meeting with my lawyer after work to reply to Jessica Affidavit.
    After that, I picked up a mini kitchen toy for Nyla to play with. The Daycare workers told me she loved to plat the cook.
  • 24TH VISIT to NYLA 8:30AM - 5:15PM MONDAY OCT 18th 2021

    7:35 AM Jessica emailed me to inform me Nyla has a cold and I have to give her Tylenol and advil.
    I met Nyla at the Daycare. She is totally fine, smiling at me and playful. She slept in the bus all the way to home. We went to swimming pool. then lunch, nap and she slept again in the bus.
    I gave her Tylenol and Advil and informed Jessica the time I gave them to Nyla. Nyla is fine when I dropped her off a bit of stuff in her nose.
  • Tuesday October 19th 2021

    After work, I met with Gary Fix, a family service Advisor at 4000 Imperial Street 604 817 9015. To talk about My late son's ashes, My ex-wife proposed to give them to me in a funeral home or a church.
    Gary explained to me there are simple way to manage my late son ashes. I sent an email to Jessica for her to talk to Gary Fix. She never answered my email.
  • Wednesday October 20, 2021

    I received an email of Jessica about getting the Flu vaccine for her and Nyla.
    I found a pastor who was willing to facilitate the exchange of Arthur's ashes and I notified right away Jessica. She didn't answer the email.
  • 25TH VISIT to NYLA 8:30am to 5:15PM THURSDAY OCTOBER 21TH 2021

    I rented a car. When I arrived at Daycare, Mena told me Nyla was walking around the fence and she looks like she was waiting for me. Nyla is really happy to see me. We went to Science World. We had so much fun. Karim, the social worker called me to tell me he couldn't reach my reference on the phone. I sent an email to Jessica to plan the Pick up and drop off on Saturday Oct 23th. She didn't answer to me.
  • Friday October 22th , 2021

    Several emails between my lawyer and new lawyer of the opposite party to organize the drop-off on Saturday October 23th.
    Jessica proposed 2 differents locations further than Dylan's house.
  • Saturday October 23th 2021

    I miss my daughter and I feel frustrated because Jessica doesn't let me exercise my parenting time. My lawyer is going to file a request to the judge.