• Worm

    I learned that if you effect nature and animals you can cause a huge effect becasue you are effecting wild life. It is better to just leave it alone. I also learned that worms are decomposers.
  • Biotic and Abiotic

    Biotic and Abiotic
    Biotic is living material or was once part of a living material. Abiotic is not living or was never living.
  • Venn Diagram 2

    Venn Diagram 2
    I compared three different things. For example fish and whales are both Biotic.
  • ASK

  • Movie

    We watched a movie on the big screan
  • Lab

    We did a lab today and we did and google docx. It was so fun. :)
  • Lab

    We put things into groups. clear things and non clear things, things you can play with
  • Physical and Chemical Properties

    Physical and Chemical Properties
    We learned about the physical land chemical properties. There are a ton of them the list go on and on. Flamable flag
  • Physical and Chemical Properties

    Physical and Chemical Properties
    Windiness is a physical propertiy of air. :)
  • Chemical/Physical Properties

    Chemical/Physical Properties
    When you test it.
  • Physical and chemical prop.

    Physical and chemical prop.
    There are lots of chemical and physical properties
  • Physical Properties

    Physical Properties
    How do you tell the difference between a gasious physical and chemical change. Smell it and test it.
  • Pysical and Chemical Cange

    When you mix iodin with soda you get baby poop. Iodin and corn starch make oreos that are smashed up. Sugar and iodin make a crystal that is yellow.
  • Atoms

    There are lots of different drawings of atoms.
  • Periodic Table

    They represent the elements that are similar.