School Violence Acts

By hankeco
  • First Act of School Violence

    On July 26, 1764, four Lenape Indians killed one teacher and ten children. One of the students had been scalped but survived.
  • Period: to

    School Violence Acts

  • School Shooting In Kentucky

    On November 17, 1853, a student, Mattew Ward, brought a self-cocking pistol to school. Mattew was angry because, School Master Mr. Butler had punished his brother the previous day. Although Ward had shot Mr. Butler in the chest he was acquitted.
  • New York Shooting

    A 13 years old boy brought a loaded and capped pistol to school. The boy shot and injured a classmate.
  • Shooting In Chattanooga

    A boy, seeking revenge on his teach after refusing to be whipped the previous day, returned to school with his brother and friend. They didn't find the teacher at school and returned home were a gun battle began, only the brother survived.
  • Maryland Shooting and Suicide

    In Salisbury, Maryland, Miss Shockley was walking with four small children after school when the schoolmaster, Mr. Hall shot, Miss Shockley, she died instantly. Mr. Hall threw himself under a train that night.
  • Boarding School Shooting

    While a carriage of female students left the school's stable a telegrapge opperator, Frank Shugart, shot and injured the stable's superintendint, Mr, Carr.
  • "Jesse James" Gang Shooting

    In 1884, news of Jesse James had reached Massachusetts wrongly inspiring young teenagers to make up "Jesse James" gangs. The police office sent several men to look at a school because they didn't know what some boys were using it for. When the police got there a gun was fired at Officer Rowan, five or six of them. They also caught two of the boys, fourteen year old, William Nagle and Sidney Duncan, age twelve.
  • Georgia Shooting

    In the middle of the day a group of very drunk farmers were walking down the street and corralling people into their homes. When they reached a female academy the girls fled into the schoolyard and the drunk farmers followed them. No one was hurt.
  • South Carolina Shooting

    Emma Connelly, shot John Steedley fro gossiping about her, even though Ms. Connelly brother had whipped Steedley in public days earlier.
  • New York Suicide

    A student at Potsdam Normal School name Edwin Bush commited suicide by shooting himself in the head.
  • 8th grader shot in Pa.

    An 8th-grade girl shot a 13-year-old classmate during lunch at Bishop Neumann Junior-Senior High School in Williamsport, Pa. The suspect was arrested and the injuries were not considered life-threatening.
  • Granite Hills High shooting

    Four students and two teachers were wounded at Granite Hills High School in El Cajon, Ca. None of the injuries were life-threatening. One of the wounded students, 18-year-old Jason Hoffman, was the alleged assailant. The shooting took place in a San Diego suburb just seven miles from the March 5th high school shooting.
  • Arson in Kenya

    An arson fire at the Kyanguli Secondary school in Kenya killed 67 students. Two students were charged with murder
  • 16 year old shot at Lew Wallace High School

    Neal Boyd IV, 16, was shot to death outside Lew Wallace High School in Gary, Ind., where he was a student. 17-year-old Donald R. Burt Jr. was arrested, convicted and sentenced to 57 years in prison.
  • Japan Stabbing at Ikeda Elementary School

    Mamoru Takuma forced his way into Ikeda Elementary School in Osaka, Japan, stabbed to death eight students and injured 13 others. Takuma, who had a long history of mental illness, pleaded guilty to the crimes.
  • Mich. Hostage and Suicide at Caro Learning Center

    Chris Buschbacher, 17, went to the Caro (Mich.) Learning Center armed with a .22-caliber rifle and a 20-gauge shotgun, taking a student and a teacher hostage. During a three-hour standoff, he fired two shots. The hostages were eventually released but Buschbacher, who was reportedly despondent over a breakup with his girlfriend, shot himself as police prepared to enter the building.
  • MLK High School shooting

    Two students at Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Manhattan, were seriously wounded when a teenager opened fire at the school.
  • Germany High School shooting and bombs set off

    A 22-year-old gunman in Munich, Germany, killed his former boss and a foreman at the company that fired him, then went to a high school in a Munich suburb, where he shot the school's headmaster when he was unable to find the teacher he was after. He then shot another teacher in the face and set off homemade bombs before killing himself.
  • School Shooting in Germany

    19-year-old Robert Steinhaeuser, who had been expelled from Johann Gutenberg high school in Erfurt, Germany, returned to the school and shot to death 13 teachers, two students and a police officer before killing himself.
  • High School Shooting and Suicide

    17-year-old Dragoslav Petkovic opened fire with a handgun shortly after noon at his high school in Vlasenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, killing one teacher and wounding another before taking his own life.
  • Shooting in John McDonogh Senior High School

    Gunmen armed with an AK-47 rifle and a handgun opened fire in the packed gymnasium of John McDonogh Senior High School in New Orleans. Jonathan Williams, 15, was killed and three girls were wounded in a spray of bullets. It was thought to be a revenge killing for an earlier murder. A loaded handgun was found on the victim. Four suspects were arrested.
  • Red Lion, Pa shooting and suicide

    In Red Lion, Pa., 14-year old James Sheets shot and killed his middle school principal Eugene Segro in a crowded school cafeteria and then killed himself.
  • Shooting in Cold Spring, Minn.

    Aaron Rollins, 17, was killed and Seth Bartell, 14, was critically wounded when 15-year-old John Jason McLaughlin walked out of a locker room at Rocori High School in Cold Spring, Minn., and shot them with a .22-caliber gun he had in his gym bag. Bartell died Oct. 10.
  • Gun fired in middle school

    A 13-year-old boy fired a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun into the ceiling of a Cleveland County, North Carolina, middle school. He also fired one shot into the closed door of a classroom filled with students. No one was injured.
  • Anacostia High School shooting

    16-year-old Devin Fowlkes was shot to death in front of Anacostia Senior High School in Washington D.C. as he left a homecoming dance along with a crowd of students. Another student was slightly injured. A 15-year-old, who said he was aiming at someone else, was arrested and charged with murder.
  • Accidental school shooting in North Carolina

    A 15-year-old student accidently fired a handgun outside the East Mecklenburg High School (North Carolina) cafeteria injuring two students.
  • Detroit high school shooting

    Following an argument, a 19-year-old entered Northern High School in Detroit and shot Aaron Wilson, 18, six times in the leg. Neither teen was a student at the school.
  • Washington D.C. high school student shot

    17-year-old James Richardson was shot to death in Ballou Senior High School in Washington D.C. during second period. The shooting resulted from a confrontation with another student who was arrested.
  • Philadelphia gang shooting

    Ten-year-old Faheem Thomas-Childs was shot in the face outside T.M. Peirce Elementary School in Philadelphia. He died six days after the shooting. He was caught in a shootout between two rival gangs. The gun battle unleashed nearly 100 shots in the area as children were arriving at the school. A school crossing guard was also injured. Two men were arrested for the shooting.
  • Houston school attempted shooting

    A shot was fired from a passing car through the glass front door of the Accelerated Learnin and Transition Academy in Houston. About 200 students were in the school at the time but no one was injured.
  • Maryland high school drive-by-shooting

    Four teenagers leaving a charity basketball game at their Randallstown, Maryland, high school were wounded, one critically, in a drive-by shooting. Among the suspects was a 17-year-old student at the school who had been involved in an earlier incident over a girl.
  • Valparaiso High School stabbing

    James Lewerke, a 15-year-old student at Valparaiso High School in northern Indiana, pulled two large knives out of his pants and stabbed seven of his classmates. None of the injuries was life-threatening.
  • Minnesota school shooting

    Jeff Weise, 16, shot to death his grandfather and his grandfather's girlfriend and then went to his high school in Red Lake, Minnesota, where he killed a security guard, a teacher, and five students, and wounded seven others, before killing himself.
  • Tennessee High shooting

    Assistant principal Ken Bruce was killed and two other administrators seriously wounded when Kenny Bartley, a 15-year-old student, opened fire in a Jacksboro, Tennessee high school.
  • Vermont elementary school shooting

    Christopher Williams, 27, went to Essex Elementary School in Vermont and, when he could not find his ex-girlfriend - a teacher, he shot and killed one teacher and wounded another. Earlier, he had killed the ex-girlfriend's mother. He attemtped suicide but survived and was arrested.
  • Hostage and shooting in Bailey,Co

    Duane Morrison, 53, took six girls hostage at Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, Co., molesting them and holding them for hours before fatally shooting one girl and then himself.
  • Cazenovia,Wi school shooting

    Eric Hainstock, 15, took two guns into his Cazenovia, Wi., school and fatally shot the principal before being captured and arrested.
  • Amish School Shooting

    Charles Carl Roberts, 32, took 10 girls hostage in an Amish school in Nickel Mines, Pa., killing five of them before killing himself.
  • Chardon Shooting