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School Violence

  • Paducah Shooting

    Paducah Shooting
    Prayer Circle Shooting
    3 killed, 5 injured
    West Paducah, Kentucky
  • Thurston Shooting

    Thurston Shooting
    Thurston Shooting
    1 student killed, 23 wounded, also killed both parents
    Thurston High School, Springfield, Oregon
  • Columbine Massacre

    Columbine Massacre
    Columbine Massacre
    15 killed, 23 injured
    Columbine High School, Littleton, Colorado
  • Buell Elementary School Fight

    Buell Elementary School Fight
    Michigan School Shooting1 killed- shooter and victim were 6 years old!
    Buell Elementary School, Mount Morris Township, Michigan
  • Cold Spring School Shooting

    Cold Spring School Shooting
    John Jason McLaughlin
    2 killed
    Rocori High School, Cold Spring, Minnesota
  • Red Lake Massacre

    Red Lake Massacre
    Red Lake Massacre
    7 killed including gunman, 7 injured
    Red Lake Indian Reservation, Minnesota
  • Amish Schoolhouse Shooting

    Amish Schoolhouse Shooting
    Amish Shooting
    5 killed including gunman, 5 injured
    Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania
  • Valentine's Shooting

    Valentine's Shooting
    Northern Illinois University Shooting
    5 killed including gunman, 17 injured
    Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois
  • Millard South High School Shooting

    Millard South High School Shooting
    Omaha Shooting
    3 killed including gunman, 2 injured
    All the victims involved were adult school officials
    Millard South High School, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Chardon Shooting

    Chardon Shooting
    Chardon High School Shooting
    3 killed, 6 injured
    Chardon High School, Chardon, Ohio