School career

Timeline created by NatalieSnell
  • Kindergarten

    I moved to page in this year and as a result to that I hated everyone and everything, I didn't have that good a life in kindergarten
  • First grade

    First grade
    I lost my tooth, kept it in my desk and my teacher replaced it and said the tooth fairy came. I tried to pencil sharpen a teddy bear and I met my best but manipulative friend Ginger.
  • Second grade

    Second grade
    I met one of my friends Liadan, had first "crush", and participated in an organization we created, which ended up being a whole town that got shut down because of injury. I was a bad child, and got sent to the deans very often, I also ended my therapy that got started in first grade due to a dream.
  • Third grade

    Third grade
    I got accused of stealing many objects off my teachers desk, when I hadn't. I mostly remember sitting in front of the class doing vocabulary, crying from embarrassment cause the teacher thought I stole. I aced a spelling quiz cause our group name was "Zero-Gravity"which was one of the words. That was cool.
  • Fourth grade

    Fourth grade
    The only thing I remember from this time was I dressed as a leopard for halloween, I won pens but they exploded in my backpack and my teacher was absolutely in love with coffee, she had a machine in her room.
  • Fifth grade

    Fifth grade
    Goldfish were very prominent in fifth grade, I dont remember why. My teachers class room was very cool, she had painted the sun and moon and the galaxy on her walls and had a very large bugs bunny in the corner from the ceiling. We did an experiment with balloons and one with steel wool. I did a huge research paper on skunks. What does fox say came out that year.
  • Sixth grade

    Sixth grade
    This was my favorite year in middle school. I joined band, I discovered art, that art teacher was my favorite. And I figured out that middle school wasn't purely just electives. I had to take core classes which disappointed me. I won the best percussionist award at the end of the year.
  • Seventh grade

    Seventh grade
    I was disappointed in my self because I didn't make it into algebra and had to take pre-algebra. But I absolutely loved the teacher. I made a friend of someone who had just moved here but we became enemies very fast and that really sucked because she was very good friends with every one of my other friends. One of my friends stabbed another one of my friends with scissors and that brought me to talking to a lot of cops for the first time because I was a witness, that was scary.
  • Eighth grade

    Eighth grade
    "Andys coming" started happening. "Mannequin challenge" started coming out too. We did it in English one day, we passed a note around one day for a specific time and everyone knew except the teacher. And we did it and held it for about five minutes before he noticed. I became very very good friends with the friend I had shunned the year before, through PE. And even now, she's one of my closest people.
  • Freshman year

    Freshman year
    I joined marching band, hoping to be a snare, but they put me as pit just because I played piano. That made me really upset. I joined honors biology and that was my favorite class. I also discovered I enjoy graphic design. I remember this nightmare I had about fish. I was standing on a rock and I was in the middle of the lake and below me I could see huge silhouettes of big black fish. And I couldn't get off, but I slipped in and the moment I hit the water I woke up. In tears and shaking.
  • Sophomore year

    Sophomore year
    I got into honors chem, that was nice. I stayed in pit because I figured out I loved it. I also joined winter guard, for the first time. I honestly dont remember why. But I absolutely loved it, we did awful and scored really bad, but I made very good friends and figured out I really enjoy dancing. We got a banana that season, its a really long story, but I was a good and significant banana.
  • Junior year

    Junior year
    Im taking three AP classes and already failing one of them. I finally got put on snare in marching band. We did really really bad, we got third from last at state, but we gained about eight points from our last score so we were really proud. I loved the snare, but I really just wanted to go back to pit and all my friends can testify to that, on how many times I complained about wanting to be in pit. And since marching band has ended, I joined guard again, and its going well. So far.