sanchez/alardin-texas revoulution

  • battle of gonzalez

    andrew ponto refused to give the mexican army the cannon.texas use this spare time to bury the cannon while mexican soldiers were getin reinforcements .John hy. more shot the cannon and raised a flag on the cannon that said 'come and take it'....
  • The consultation of 1835 begins

    a meting was called in san felipe for a consulttion about texan soldiers declaring independence.becuase they were tired of all battleing and just wanted peace in texas .this consultation of 1836 is the most important part of texas history.
  • battle of san antonio

    texan forces want to defend the alamo becuase they think its important to texas.santa anna arived in texas to destroy the alamo but william b. travis denied and responded by tellin santa anna hes willing to fight to defend this part of texas history.
  • start of the siege in th alamo

    santa anna came to texas to destroy the alamo but william b travis refused this to happen. in response santa anna began a 13 day siege surrounding the alamo from every wall to corner so william b. travis and everybody in the alamo could surrender but they all refused and wanted to fight for texas.
  • the constitution begins

    the constitution waas written in whasingtonat the brazos and the the decleration was signed the next day.
  • the decleration of independence is signed

    the decleration of independence was writtin to give each citezens equal rights and make laws but every thing had to be fair.they would also provide a fair government and the right to vote
  • the battle of the alamo

    william b travis belived that the alamo was valuable piece to texas and santa anna was tryna destroy this monument but william b travis didnt want this to happen so he gathered up colonist to help him defend the alamo this battle still is the greatest part of texas history todaty and it still stands today...
  • Period: to

    runaway scrape

    many texans were scared of santa anna and the word spread about santa anna wiping out towns and villigas .many of this texans were scared for thiere lives that htey took off east texas even somme left as far to louisianna ...
  • Period: to

    battle of coleto

    with urea now so close fannin could not go to texas and was giving orders to retreat back to victoria as he was he finaly ran into urea in a empty field and fought several of his men including fannin were wounded and finaly they surrenderd and urea took them prissinor
  • goliad massacre

    after the battle of coleto fannin and his troops were takin prisioners in goliad and santa anna orderd urea to massacre all the soldiers even though some of them didnt fight till death all were massacred..
  • battle of san jacinto

    houston wanted revenge for the battle of the alamo and the goliad massacre so sam houston wasited for santa anna to least expect an attack. finally wen houston attacked he killed all of santa annas troops and instead of killing santa anna hes orderd him to give him texas....