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Ryan Flaharty

  • Birth

    This is the day i was born. It happened in Seoul, Korea.
  • Period: to

    First Two Years

  • First words (COGNITIVE)

    My first words were"umma" which is korean for mommy.
  • First Steps (BIOSOCIAL)

    My dad stands me up and has me walk to my mom.
  • Moving to America

    After my dad's Army deployment in Korea ends, we moved to America. We lived in Flushing, New York.
  • First time away from parents (PYSCHOSOCIAL)

    My parents left me at their friends house for a whole weekend. This is the first time I am seperated from my mom for more than a day.
  • Period: to

    Play Years

  • Moving to Illionis

    My family moves to Illinois so my dad can go back to college. Not too long after this day I meet my best friend of the next few years.
  • My sister was born

    My only other sibling was born this day.
  • Headstart Schooling (COGNITIVE)

    I begin "Headstart" which I think was a type of schooling. I remember we had snack times, and coloring times, and a time to play outside. My best friend Harry and I would speak Korean to eachother and our teachers had to seperate us.
  • Gender Schema (PSYCHOSOCIAL)

    I am batman for Halloween. I had so many batman toys and I always watched the cartoons.
  • First Bike (BIOSOCIAL)

    I remember getting my first bike for Christmas. As I came out of my room to the living room I noticed something behind the curtains. It was a bike and a helmet. I learned to ride by my dad pushing me and letting me go.
  • Moving to Michigan

    I remember being very happy to be moving. I didn't even think about my friends I was leaving behind because I was so exctied.
  • Meeting my new friends (PSYCHOSOCIAL)

    The day after moving I remember walking around the back yard of the apartments. These kids approached me and they became my best friends. They later introduced me to Ben who became my best friend for many years.
  • Kindergarden

    I began Kindergarden and I remember being a shy kid. My best friend was 2 years older than me so we didn't go to the school at the same time. My other friends were either younger or older than me. I remember this was the day I saw the girl olf my dreams Stephanie. She became my crush throughout all my Elementary years.
  • First video game system

    My parents bought me a Super Nintendo that came with Donkey Kong Country. This is where my love for video games began.
  • Period: to

    Middle Childhood

  • Sports (BIOSOCIAL)

    My friends and I began to competively play sports. We played hockey, football, soccer, and baseball. Mostly hockey though.
  • Tae Kwon Do (BIOSOCIAL)

    Not long after starting the 1st grade, my parents decided to put me in Tae Kwon Do. This is a type of martial arts. Although it taught me self defense, I hated it at the time because I would rather play with my friends than go to practice after school everyday.
  • Cedar Point

    In the summer after my 1st grade year, I remember my friend Ben invited me to go to Cedar Point with him. He usually went with his other friend Aaron in years past but invited me this time. I remember feeling special. I realized I had a best friend.
  • First Medication (COGNITIVE)

    After finishing my 2nd grade school year I remember being taken to a doctor. I was told I needed medication for ADHD because I was too hyper and didn't focus in class according to my 2nd grade teacher.
  • First time in big trouble at School (PSYCHOSOCIAL)

    I remember riding the bus to school and from school. Our bus had "safeties" which were 5th graders who sat each of the kids down 2 to each seat and they go to sit in the back of the bus. I got to be a safety because Ben was a 5th grader. I remember one day this other kid was provoking me to the point where I yelled a cuss word at him. The bus driver called me to the front and I was no longer allowed to be a safety.
  • First pet

    I remember asking my mom if we could stop by the pet store on the way home from shopping. She agreed and we ended up getting a kitten. We had no intentions that day of getting a pet but my sister and I begged her.
  • Losing my best friend

    The summer after 3rd grade was tough for me because it was the first my best friend moved away. I lived in Westland at the time and he moved to Canton. By this time all of my other friends at the apartments moved away. I no longer had anyone to hangout with after school.
  • Meeting my current best friends

    I met Edo and Muamer the first day of 5th grade. Since then we have been best friends.
  • Camping Trip

    At my school the 5th graders every year got to go on a weeklong camping trip. I remember this was the longest time I was away from my parents.
  • Period: to


  • Puberty (BIOSOCIAL)

    I remember this being an embarrassing time in my life due to my voice squeaking sometimes.
  • Moving to Livonia (PSYCHOSOCIAL)

    Moving to Livonia was a very exciting time for me because this was the first time I would be living in a house. Also I was finally be getting my own room. Moving to Livonia also meant that I would be leaving behind all the people i've known in all my years at elementary school. I had to start fresh and meet new people and make new friends.
  • Highschool (COGNITIVE)

    Entering highschool was probably one of the most nerve racking times in my life. I imagined it to be very difficult and the thought of finals terrified me.
  • Meeting my current Girlfriend(PSYCHSOCIAL)

    We knew eachother in Middle school and a little in highschool but were just friends. She moved away sophmore year, and we met up again the summer before college. We had a connection and started dating.
  • Change of Major(COGNITIVE)

    I was in the engineering program at the time at U of M Dearborn and couple months into the semester i dropped all my classes because I realized I liked nothing about engineering. I decided to go back to schoolcraft and take courses so I can apply into a Nursing program.
  • Body Hair(BIOSOCIAL)

    This past year I started to notice more hair growing on my body. My facial hair is begining to grow faster and thicker, hairs are begining to grow on my chest, and my legs are getting hairier than they were before. I never thought I would be the hairy type because I wasnt very hairy in highschool. Looks like my dad's hairy gene is kicking in.
  • Degree In Nursing(COGNITIVIE)

    I hope by this time in my life I will have my Bachelors in Nursing and receive a good job offer,
  • Married(COGNITIVE)

    By this time I would like to propose to my current girlfriend of 3 years,
  • HealthyBIOSOCIAL)

    By this time in my life I hope to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Going to the gym at least 3-4 times a week and follwing a healthy diet so I can extend my lifespan.
  • Volunteering (PSYCHOSOCIAL)

    When I get to the age where I am retired I hope I am healthy enough to volunteer and help out different organizations
  • Excercise(BIOSOCIAL)

    At this age I hope to still be physcially healthy to do casual excersizing. I dont want to be bed stricken by disease or to be fat and out of shape. By this time in my life I would like to be following a healthy diet with a decent amount of excerise.
  • Traveling (COGNITIVE)

    If I am not able to do this earlier in my life I want to make sure to do it before I die. I would like to travel to places like Italy, France, Spain, and England to viisit the places and museums I learned so much about throughout my school years.
  • Death

    I think when I am 85 I will die. I think it could be possibly of disease. My mom's dad has alzeimers disease, and as terrible as it is that could be a possibility.