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  • Alexander I inherits the throne

    Alexander I inherits the throne
  • Napoleon invades Russia

    Napoleon invades Russia
  • Alexander I died

    Alexander I died
    After Alexander I died a group of army officer led an uprising as the Decembrist Revolt
  • Alexander II

    Alexander II
    Alexander II somes to power in 1855 during the Crimean War and he also set up a Zemstvo which was a local electd assembly
  • Emancipation Manifesto

    Emancipation Manifesto
    The Emancipation Manifesto ended Serdome in Russia however it takes years for the serfs to get settled.
  • Emancipation Part 2

    Emancipation Part 2
    Liberals and students demanded for change and to demonstrated for reform. Alexander II finally agreed to the reform. In 1861 he isused a decree the need an emancipation for freeing the Serfs.
  • Rebeling Time

    Rebeling Time
    In the 1870 a group of socialist carried a message of reform to the pesants
  • "Czar Emancipation"

    "Czar Emancipation"
    on a very cold march day a group of terrist hurled two bombs at Alexanders Carriage. One bomb killed his guards and the other killed him;(. Alexander III took his fathers death pretty bad and he decided to rule like Nicholas ! did. The Russificatin aimed at suppressing the culturs of non- Russians people. Officals persecution encouraged a pogroms.
  • Battle

    In the 1904 war broke out between Russia and Japan which Nicholas I call on his people to fight for "the Faith, the Czar, and the Fatherland". The Russians suffered one bad defeat after another.
  • Bloddy Sunday

    Bloddy Sunday
    on Sunday January 22, 1905 a young Orthodox priest, Father George Gapon organized a march. Fearing the March the czar fled the palace . the marcher saw the troops and gunfire broke lose and men and women died.
  • The Revolution

    The Revolution
    After the month of bloody sunday even more strikes broke lose and people started to rebel. Terrorists started to target officals. Nicholas was forced to to reform. he promised freedom of people and other thing in the October Manifesto.
  • Vladimir Ulyanov

    Vladimir Ulyanov
    Vladimir Ulyanov was a revlutionaries in the 1890 whose older brother was executed for plotting to muder Alexander III. Ulyanov used a false name-Lenin and in 1917 "Lenin would take power in a revi=olution that transformed Russia.