Russian Tsars

By Nhubb
  • Oct 11, 1530

    Ivan's birth

  • Oct 17, 1533

    Ivan became Ivan the terrible

    He was a very mean kid and liked to kill and torture animals.
    later he kept this name because he was a tyrant leader.
  • Oct 6, 1547

    Crowned Tsar

  • Feb 26, 1552

    Goes on a conquest and expands russian empire.

  • Feb 26, 1560

    Anatasia dies

    Ivans wife dies
  • Feb 26, 1560

    Ivan snaps

    Ivan loses the only thing that he loved and became "terrible" again
  • Feb 28, 1560

    Killing Spree

    Ivan goes on a killing spree because he suspected his wife had been poisened
  • Feb 26, 1581

    Kills his son and only blood heir Ivan

  • Death

  • Peter the greats birth

  • Peter begins his co-rule as tsar

  • Peter begins solo rule as TSAR

  • Peter goes to europe

    goes to europe to learn about naval action
  • Peter builds real russian navy

  • St petersburg founded

  • Peter condems his son to death

    he believed he was conspiring against him
  • Makes new russian civil system.

  • Peter dies

  • Cathrine the great is born as sophia fredrika in germany

  • Cathrine takes the title of Cathrine the grand duchess

  • Marrried peter the third

  • Queen elizibeth dies

  • Peter the 3rd is murdered by a coup of Catherines soldiers

  • Cathrine is crowned empress

  • Expands russia to the black sea

  • first war on the turks and other europoeans for expansion

  • Death

    Catherine the great dies