russian timeline of epicness

By modmec
  • Period: Mar 13, 1530 to

    time span

  • Aug 25, 1530

    ivan the terrible is born

    ivan the terrible was born!!!
  • Mar 13, 1533

    took thrown

    at age 3 took the thrown
  • Oct 11, 1533

    the name is given

    got his awesome name ivan the terrible
  • Mar 13, 1547

    ivan crowned tsar of muscovy

    ivan was crowned tsarv of moscovy
  • Mar 13, 1547

    hired advisors

    appointed a counsil of advisors
  • Mar 13, 1560

    #1 wife dies

    first wife dies
  • Mar 13, 1570

    ivan went on a massive killing spree

    went on massive killing spree
  • Mar 13, 1574

    prince of moscow

    given the name prince of moscow
  • Nov 19, 1581

    ivan kills his son

    ivan kills his son
  • ivan dies

    ivan the terrible
  • peter the great is born

    beter the great is born!!!HURRAY
  • peter rain starts

    peter the great begins to rule
  • the death of a brotyher

    peters borther ivan the terrible dies off
  • peters hits up europe

    peter decides to go to europe

    peter the great begins to start the founding of str petersburge \
  • peter the great's son goes dead

    peter's son dies
  • peter the great dies

    peter the super awesome and amazing dies
  • catherine the great is born!!!!!!!

    catherine waas born and was a big dealk to all the younger babies....she was way cooler