Russian timeline

  • Period: to


  • Alexander 1

    He inherited the throne, and was open to liberal ideas. He helped czar ease censhorship and promoted eduacation. He even talked about freeing the serfs.
  • Alexander 1

    In 1812 he has drawn back from reform, he feared losing the support of the nobles. At the congress of the vienna he joined the conservative powers in opposing liberal and nationlist ideas
  • Decemrist Revlot

    A group of Ary officers let this uppsiding when Alexander 1 died. They had picked up liberal ideas while fighting napoleon in western europe. Demanded a constitution and other reforms.
  • Alexander 2

    Alexander 2 came to the throne during the Crimean War.
    -Echanipation of serfs
    Liberals demanded changes and students demanstrated for reform. Presses from all sides Alexander 2 finally agreed. In 1861 he issued a royal decree that required emancupation or freeing the serfs.
    -Zemstvos- were made resoonsible for matters like road repair. schools, and agriculture.
  • Alexander 3

    He responded to his father's assasination by reviving the harsh methods of nicholas 1. He increased the powed of the secret police to wipe out liberals and revoltionaries, he also restored strict censorship.
    -Russification- suppress cultures 1 language(russian)
    1 church(orthodox)
    -Progroms- violent mob attacks jews
  • March 1881

    Terroists hurled two bombs at Alexander's carriage. One struck down several guards, the second killed the leader known to some as the "czar emancipator".
  • Nicholas 2

    His father Alexander 3 count serge witte, finace minster to Nicholas 2. Encouraged economic development and rail road building.
    -Trans-Siberian Railroad
    Loans for france helped build this railroad. It linked europeon russia to the pacific ocean.
  • Vladmir Ulyanov

    His older brother was excecuted for plotting to kill Alexander 3. He used alias or false name(lenim). In 1917, lenim would take pwer in a revolution in russia.
  • Peter Stolypin

    Nicholas apointed him as a new prime minister. Arrest progroms and executions follwed. He restored order.
    -1911- He was assainated
  • War with Japan

    This war was between russia and japan, Nicholas 2 called on his people to right for "the faith the czar and the father land". But despite their efforts the russians suffered one humilating defeat one after another.
  • Revolution 1905

    Months that follwed Bloody sunday descontent exploded across russia. Workers took over local lan government strikes multiplied. Peasants revolted and demanded land. Terrorist targeted russian leaders.
    Duma- or elected national lagislture. No laws, he declared, would fo into effect without approched by the duma.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Father george Gapan organized a march on sunday January 22 1905. Fearing the marchers the czar had fled the palace and called in the soliders. As people approached, they saw troops lined across the square gunfire rangout. Men and women ran and fell. Shots left hundreds dead and more younded in the show.