Russian Timeline

By kuguy
  • Aug 25, 1530

    Ivan is born

    Ivan is born; Kolomenskoye, Russia.
  • Nov 9, 1533

    Russian Absoulte Ruler (Czar)

    Ivan the terribleIvan came to throne at age 3.
  • Sep 5, 1546

    Ivan seized full power

    He seized full power and was the frist 'Czar.'
  • Period: Nov 9, 1547 to Nov 9, 1560

    The Good Period

    Ivan during this period added land, codified laws to unite Russia, and ruled justly and fairly.
  • Nov 12, 1547

    Ivan's first wife

    He marries Anastasia. They have two kids, Ivan Grozny and Feodor.
  • Apr 21, 1554

    Ivan's first son is born

    Ivan Grozny is born and is to inherit the throne after Ivan.
  • Period: Nov 9, 1560 to

    Ivan's Bad Period

    Wife dies of mysterious illness. He killed anyone to be considered a threat or traitor.
  • Nov 12, 1560

    Ivan's wife dies

    Anastasia, Ivan's wife, dies of a mysterious illness. This starts his 'bad period.'
  • Nov 12, 1562

    Secret police

    Ivan hires secret police (Oprichnina) who killed anyone who he consirded a traitor or a threat.
  • Nov 19, 1581

    Ivan kills son

    Ivan killed his oldest son after a fight about his wife. Leaves throne to youngest son who wasn't capable of ruling.
  • Ivan dies

    Ivan dies and leaveas throne to his son, Feodor.
  • Next Russian Czar

    Michael Romanov is selected as the next Czar.