Russian Revolution PD5

By JamieCy
  • Serfs are freed

    Serfs are freed
    imageThe Serfs were freed in 1861. But, they received little to no land and were deeply in debt.
  • Period: to

    1861 TO 1991


    imageMarxists formed the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party.
  • RSDLP in two

    The Russian Social Democratic Labor Party slit into two groups.
  • Economy going down hill

    Russia's economy slowed down.
  • The March

    Thousands of peole marched to Czar Nicholas's Winter Palace in St. Petersburg to deliver a petition asking for better working conditions and a democratically elected assembly.
  • Failed Uprising

    The army crushed an uprising in Moscow.
  • Czar Dissolved

    Czar lost power
  • Less Voters

    Less peasants and workers were allowed to vote between 1907 and 1912
  • War On Russia

    Germany declared war on Russia.
  • Rasputin Murdered

    Russian nobles murdered Rasputin.
  • Strikes in Petrograd

    Strikes and riots in Petrograd.
  • Resign Throne

    Government forces Czar Nicholas to resign throne.
  • Trotsky Returns

    Trotski returns to Petrograd after his escape in 1907.
  • Moscow The Capital

    Moscow is the new capital.
  • Soviet Union

    The Russian Communists turned into S.U.
  • Stalin Control

    Stalin gained control in 1924.
  • Stalin's Death

    Stalin died in March 1953.
  • End of Communist System

    CS ended