Russian revolution

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  • Raspudin murdered

    Rasputin was shot and thrown into a river on December 30. He was known to be shot multiple times and stay alive. He was first given wine laced with cyanide witch failed to react to him. He was later then shot multiple times and thrown into a river he was thought to be seen alive floating down the river.
  • Rasputin advises royal family

    Rasputin was advised to live with the royal family. People did not like the idea of them advising the royal family. Rasputin was know for his mystic abilities and being a holy man. By this time people have started to dislike the family and soon start a revolution.
  • tsar nicholas ll abdicates the throne

    tsar Nicholas ll fled the throne in march 1917. The army at part regard joined the strike towards Tsar Nicholas ll. He was escorted to a different location. He was later located and assassinated with his family.
  • Red army takes over russia

    bullshavicks take over the Russian government. They overthrow the government and start a revolution. This leads to a civil war and assassinates the royal family. The civil war lasted 3 years.
  • Russia leaves ww1

    After the red army takes over the government and the royal family is murdered. Russia enters a civil war and has to pull out of ww1. Without the proper equipment and war within its own country. They are forced to pull out the war.
  • Romanov family killed

    With the red army taking over Russia and the government the royal family goes into hiding. As they are in hiding the red army breaks into their home. They are all gunned down by soldiers and their whole family of 5 is murdered.
  • Lennin becomes leader of the bullshivicks

    Lenin becomes the leader of the bullshavicks and takes them into socialism and a war against the government. They overthrow the government and plan for socialism with lennin as their leader. He was the head of the government from 1917 to 1924.
  • Period: to

    Start of russian revolution

    People of Russia were annoyed at the government and mad how people in the country were hungry and had no money. They liked the idea of socialism and wanted to overthrow the government they started the red army. The existing government was the white army and the red army overtook them.