Russian History

  • Jan 1, 1200

    Mongols Invade

    Mongols Invade
    The Mongols invade Russia!
  • Jan 1, 1547

    Ivan the Terrible

    Ivan the Terrible
    Ivan the Terrible murdered anyone who opposed him, he strengthend the throne, and expanded Russia.
  • Michael Romanov

    Michael Romanov
    When Michael Romanov becomes Czar, he makes serfdom legal
  • Peter The Great

    Peter The Great
    Peter The Great becomes Czar and brings new modernizations after touring Europe, and also moved the Capitol from Moscow to St. Petersburg.
  • Russia...EXPANDS!

    Russia expands...A LOT!!!! Russia expands from Finland all the way down to today's San Fransisco.

    The people of Russia begin to rebel against czars.
  • Napoleon

    Napoleon (from France) tries to invade Russia with 600,000 men, and left with only fewer than 10,000 men!
  • Sold to the US

    Sold to the US
    In 1867 the US bought Alaska for 7.2 million dollars!
  • Faberge Egg

    Faberge Egg
    Czar Alexander III ordered the first faberge egg fro his wife, Czarina Maria
  • Trans - Siberian Railroad

    Trans - Siberian Railroad
    In 1899, thew Trans-Siberian Railroad was completed, and it ran for 4,500 miles.
  • USSR

    USSR means (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or Soviet Union)
  • Lenin Died

    Lenin Died
    Lenin died of a stroke after leading the USSR for 2 years
  • Vikings Settle

    Vikings Settle
    Vikings settle in Rus, later known as Russia