Russian History

  • Jan 1, 1200

    The Mongols invaded

    The Mongols invaded
    The Mongols invaded and ruled Russia, but Moscow was not conquered. Russia was isolated by the mongols.
  • Jan 1, 1547

    Ivan IV (Ivan the terrible)

    Ivan IV (Ivan the terrible)
    Ivan the Terrible became Czar. Anyone who opposed him would be killed, Eastern Orthodox church supported him, he strengthened he power of the thrown, began expanding the Russian empire, russian nobility supoorted him (they got land and servents), he commisioned the building of St. Basils Cathedral.
  • Micheal Romanov

    Micheal Romanov
    Micheal Romanov became he czar.
  • Peter the great

    Peter the great
    Peter the Great is Czar from 1689-1725. Peter the great went to Europe and brought back some modernization,gave some freedom to the lower class, and moved the capitol from Moscow to St. Petersberg.
  • Napoleon invasion

    Napoleon invasion
    Napoleon invaded Russia with 600000 men. They later retreat with 100000.
  • Czar Alexander II

    Czar Alexander II
    Czar Alexander II continued to modernize Russia. He built railrads, freed slaves,established a modern bamkimg system, increased freedom of the press, and lastly established a jury system.
  • Alaska

    Alaska was sold to the United states for 7.2 million dollars.
  • Fabrege egg

    Fabrege egg
    Czar Alexander III ordered the first fabrege eggfor his wife, Czarina Maria
  • Siberian Railroad

    Siberian Railroad
    Trans-SIberian railroad is completed and is ruffly 4,500 miles.
  • shop invasion

    shop invasion
    riots due to and coal shortages invade shops. the Czar gets his troops to stop the riots but instead they join in.
  • Romanovs arrest then murdered

    Romanovs arrest then murdered
    The romanov family was held captive by house arrest. They later went to siberia then Yekaterinburg, where they wwere murdered.
  • USSR

    The USSR (Union of soviet socialist Republics) was established.It was led by Lenin for 2 years.
  • Stalin

    Joseph Stalin was sole dictator of the USSR. He controlled everything and everyone by fear.
  • Cold war begining

    Cold war begining
    The Cold war begins. This was a 40 year standoff between USSR and USA. both places had nuclear superpowers but neither wanted o use them becaause it could cause world destruction. British Prime Minister of Winston CHurchill said that the spread of communism was like an iron curtain.
  • Cold war ending

    Cold war ending
    This is the end of the Cold War. The Berlin wall gets broken.
  • Vikings from Sweden

    Vikings from Sweden
    The Vikings from Sweden crossed the baltic sea and settleed west of the ural mountains. They set up small farms . Also, they had good trade with the Byzantine Empire and Sweden, they set up small kingdoms along these rivers.