Russian Empire Timeline

By dhh6344
  • Mar 27, 1462

    New Grand Prince

    New Grand Prince
    Vasili ll dies so his son, Ivan lll the great succeeds him.
  • Period: Mar 27, 1462 to

    The Reign of The Russian Empire

    From Ivan lll the great to Persian takeover.
  • Dec 3, 1533

    Ivan lV

    Ivan lV
    After his dad, Vasili lll dies, Ivan lV the Terrible comes into power and marries Elena Glinskaya.
  • Peter l

    Peter l
    Peter l the Great becomes the leader after his dad died. He was born by Feodors second wife.
  • The Great Northern War

    The Great Northern War
    Russia decared war on Sweden. This war became known as the Great Northern War
  • Catherine ll

    Catherine ll
    Catherine ll, the wife of Peter replaced him after he was overthrown by the Imperial Guard.
  • Pugachev's Rebellion

    Pugachev's Rebellion
    This rebellion was the result of the outrage after Catherine ll gained power.
  • Persian Forces Win

    Persian Forces Win
    The Persians defeat Russia in the battle of Krtsanisi.