Timeline of Russian Czars

By MaxWA
  • Nov 21, 1325

    Ivan I

    Ivan I
    "Kalita" or "Moneybags"
    Made Moscow the spiritual center of Russia
    Named "moneybags" for making Moscow very wealthy
  • Apr 5, 1462

    Ivan III

    Ivan III
    "Ivan the Great"
    Defeated the Mongols
    Unified Russia
  • Jan 16, 1547

    Ivan IV

    Ivan IV
    "Ivan the Terrible"
    Alienated his closest allies
    Spreaded a reign of holy terror
    Killed whoever doubted him
  • Period: to

    Romanov Dynasty

    Started with Czar Michael I and ended with Czar Nicholas II. Ruled for over three centuries.
  • Peter

    "Peter the Great"
    Built St.Petersburg
    When Peter was a boy he played war games whith real cannons and armies of 300 children
    Was very interested in ships
    Westernized Russia
    Married Catherine I
  • Catherine I

    Catherine I
    Married to "Peter the Great"
    Real name was Marta Skowronska
    Was a peasant then married into the throne
  • Elizabeth

    Daugter of "Peter the Great" and Catherine I
    Seized the throne in a coup d’état
    Defeated the strongest warrior of Europe at the time, the Prussian king Frederick II, but died before her victory could be secured
  • Catherine II

    Catherine II
    "Catherine the Great"
    Westernized Russia
    Real name was Sophie von Anhalt-Zerbst
  • Alexander I

    Alexander I
    First Russian Grand Duke of Finland and Lithuania
    Fought a war against Napoleon
    Mysterious death:A legend has it that a mysterious hermit Feodor Kuzmich who appeared in Siberia in 1836 was in fact Alexander I. When the Soviet government opened his coffin in the 1920s it was found empty.
  • Nicolas I

    Nicolas I
    Opened fire on the peaceful decembrists
    The most reactionary of Russian monarchs
    Rumours that he poisoned himself after learning of one of Russia’s military defeats
  • Alexander III

    Alexander III
    "The Peacemaker"
    Named the peacemaker because Russia had no major wars durring his reign
    Alexander III and his family were in a huge train wreck
  • Alexander II

    Alexander II
    Alexander II was known as the "Tsar-Liberator" for his emancipation of the Russian serfs
    Assassinated by a revolutionary organisation People’s Will
  • Nicholas II

    Nicholas II
    Son of Alexander II
    Opened fire on people revolting on Bloody Sunday
    Family got shot by a firing squad in their basement to end all posibility that a czar would ever regain the throne
  • Vladimir

    First Czar of Russia
    First Christian ruler in Kievan Rus
    Converted to Eastern Orthodox