Russian Absolututism

  • Peter the Great is Born

    Peter the Great, or Peter l, is born in Moscow
  • Period: to

    Peter The Great

    Peter the Great, or Peter the l, is Czar of Russia, He was the first Czar to reform Russia, bringing the courntry out of its dark medieval times by strenthging its navy, remodeling the army, adapting western technology and its politiacal systems, and reformed education.
  • The Russian Army Defeats the Swedish Army

    Peter the Great took advantage of the hard Russian winters to defeat Swedins army
  • St. Petersburg is established

    Peter the Great establishes St. Petersburg, Russias new capitol, along the Neva River, near the Baltic Sea. The capitol is deemed Russia's "window to Europe"
  • Russia is Proclamed an Empire

    Russia is proclamed an empire by Peter the Great, or Peter I, who is now crowned as the Emperor of all Russia
  • Treaty of Nystad

    The Treaty of Nystad is established
  • Peter the Great Dies

    Peter the Great, or Peter l, dies without a heir
  • Period: to

    Catherine the Great

    Catherine the Great took the throne, and chose her nephew Peter to rule with his chosen wife Catherine, a German Princess
  • Period: to


    Catherine, a German Princess, has taken the throne from Peter, her husband and Catherine the Great's nephew with aristocracy help. She reformed education, the legal system, and culture in Russia for a decade.
  • Pesants Revolt

    Pesants revolt and Catherine was froced to slaughter many wealthy land owners