Russian Absolutism

  • Nov 12, 1498

    Ivan the Terrible

    Crowned Czar of Russia
  • Nov 12, 1581

    Ivan the Terrible PART II

    Kills own son and Heir to the throne
  • Boris Gondov

    Ivan the Terrible's son surpasses him and becomes Czar of Russia
  • Moscow

    Tartars Sack and pillage Moscow
  • Tartars

    Tartar king defeated by the cossacks
  • Cossacks

    A peasants revolt is led by the cossack Stephan Razin
  • Alexander I

    Alexandar I encouraged open thinking and a right to an education this was influenced by the Orthodox church
  • Moscow

    Napoleon invades Russia and Russians burn Moscow
  • Alexandar the great

    Shuts down The masons and all secret scocieties
  • Alexander II

    Alexander II abolishes serfdom, granting freedom to 20 million serfs and land to peasant communes
  • Alexander II

    Alexander II reorganizes military service