russian absolutism

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  • Nov 8, 1530

    Ivan the terrible

    Ivan was born in 1530
  • Nov 8, 1533

    ivan the terrible

    ivan the terrible
    Ivan became czar when he was only 3 years old
  • Nov 8, 1547

    ivan and the boyar class

    ivan and the boyar class
    Ivan hated the boyar class because he that they had something to do with his mothers death
  • Nov 8, 1548

    ivan dead

    Ivan the terrible dies
  • peter the Great

     peter the Great
    Peter implemented sweeping reforms aimed at modernizing Russia. Heavily influenced by his advisors from Western Europe, Peter reorganized the Russian army along modern lines and dreamed of making Russia a maritime power
  • the great embassy

    Peter arranged a grand tour of Western Europe, the so called Great Embassy to learn about the West. He traveled incognito, and refused to be recognized as Czar; he even dressed as a member of his own entourage, although it is doubtful that he fooled anyone because of his great height. In Holland, he took a job in a ship yard, working as a carpenter and talking with workmen and learning about shipbuilding. He lived in a simple cottage, and went to work every morning with a tool sack over his shou
  • peter the great

    Peter the Great died in 1725
  • peter II

    peter II
    peter the II took the thrown but later was overthrowned by his wife catherine
  • catherine and the ottomans

    catherine and the ottomans
    catherine fought the ottomans and in 1768 she defeated them
  • catherine

    Catherine dies